In countries all around the world, people have cluttered garages. For many homeowners, it is actually something embarrassing or shameful. Occasionally, the clutter can be so bad that people can’t even park their cars in the garage. The good news is that a garage makeover does not have to be an expensive affair. In fact, sometimes all it takes is elbow grease, patience, and time. Read on to learn our tips for how to give your garage the makeover it deserves.

  1. Declutter

First, before a makeover can happen, the garage must be decluttered. This is definitely the most tedious step, and the part that will require the most patience. Divide the garage into sections and move through each section tidying and sorting through everything. There should be four distinct piles: trash, donate, keep in the garage, and store elsewhere.

The process of decluttering forces homeowners to minimize what will go into the garage. It removes the trash and random items so that there is less to organize. Finally, it focuses the organizers on exactly the items to keep in the garage. Once that is concrete, it is easy to build organizational solutions around the items staying where they are.

  1. Prep Time

Once you know what you are going to keep, it is time for actual organization. A makeover can’t happen in a dirty garage though. Before homeowners make any plans, it is time to give the garage a deep clean. This serves a dual purpose. It preserves all belongings, by placing them in a clean space. On the other hand, it lets homeowners know if there is an issue with any of the existing storage. Make note of any broken pieces, warped wood, or deep stains. These issues can be repaired or replaced later.

Take stock of the storage already in place and determine what additional storage may be needed. Measure the spaces where storage can be placed and make notes of the measurements. Now it is time to plan out the storage arrangements.

  1. Wall Space

When it comes to garage storage, many homeowners turn to shelves, bins, and cupboards. However, there is a relatively underutilized space in most garages: the walls. Hanging hooks and floating shelves can store a wide variety of items while simultaneously leaving the floor clear for bins. There are quite a few things that wall storage is ideal for.

  • Yard tools.
  • Small power tools and hand tools.
  • Ladders and poles for chores such as cleaning the pool or the gutter.
  • Power cords, which can be stored on a hook while carefully coiled up.
  • Bicycles and scooters.
  • Sports equipment, including sports shoes
  1. Carefully Store Everything Else

When homeowners are considering storage, it is best to group alike items. For example, all holiday decorations go in bins stacked on the same shelves. Ensure that the organization makes sense for you and your family’s needs.