When it comes to home renovations the one space that is often overlooked is the attached garage! If you’re looking to add some extra space to your home then consider learning to convert your garage! Here we discuss some potential ideas followed by instructions on how to convert your garage.

Garage Room Inspiration

The biggest question that needs to be asked is ‘what will you do with your new space?’ Or what its intended purpose will be. Converting your garage is an awesome idea to add an extra room to your home, so when taking on this project it definitely helps to have a goal in mind. Here are some ideas:

Home Office

If you often find yourself working from home or find work following you home and you’re in need of a quiet place, then converting your garage into your very own home office is a great option for you. With plenty of room for desk, chair, and potentially even a couch, you can really make a cozy office that will have you wanting to welcome customers and clients to visit.

Game Room

For the avid gamers who love bigger sets like pool, air hockey, or mini basketball, a new and spacious game room may be just what you need. Amp up your game nights with family and friends in your newfound game room, where you can include games of all types – including a full video game setup.

Home Theater

Forget the finished basement. A home theater in your converted garage is great for the entire family with plenty of room for couches, tables, projectors, and screens.

Crafting Room

If you love crafting of any type such as scrapbooking, woodworking, ceramics, or even sewing or knitting; a dedicated space is the perfect place to enjoy your favorite crafts.

Reading Nook

For those who would love to have an in-home library, why not convert your garage to a reading nook where you can enjoy all of your favorite books? Make your own reading area with comfortable chairs, perhaps a beverage bar, tables, and lighting.

Whatever You Want!

Above are just a few small ideas – hopefully we got the wheels turning in your imagination! The best part about garage conversion is that it doesn’t necessarily have to have a specific theme. A garage can be converted into any room type you need – such as an extra bedroom, living room, home gym, or even a laundry room. The options are limitless in what you want to do with your extra space.

The Pros And Cons

Converting your garage is a great way to add additional space to your home – that’s a pro! So let’s take a look at some other pros, and some cons too.


  • Additional living space. Having a blank slate to work with when it comes to adding to your home is always a plus.
  • More cost-effective than a home expansion. Adding to your home can be a costly task, take advantage of the space you already have available.
  • With a structure already in place, you can do most of the converting yourself without needing to hire any contractors.


  • You may need a permit. Like with any construction you may need a permit before you can begin your conversion. It always helps to check first!
  • You’ll lose your dedicated vehicle space. Rather than having an attached garage, you will now either need to use a detached garage, carport, or your driveway for parking and storing vehicles.

How To Convert Your Garage

To ensure you end up with a functional living space be sure to follow these steps.

  • Have the room properly insulated. If you haven’t already, be sure the walls and ceiling are properly insulated so as to not lose heat or cold. To help with this, be sure you have a properly installed garage door as this has a significant effect on controlling the temperature inside this area.
  • Install flooring and drywall.
  • Ensure your electrical wiring is all set – you’ll want plenty of lighting for your new room.
  • Either connect your new room to the homes HVAC unit or add in a new independent system to help regulate the temperature.

These are some basic steps to follow in your garage conversion. The following steps are entirely up to you! You have a blank slate, so get creative and enjoy designing your new home space.

Consider including a new garage door for your room upgrade to ensure appropriate thermal regulation and to protect your new room from the outdoor elements. Not to mention, it will look nicer and add to your homes curb appeal.