One part of regular home maintenance that homeowners often overlook is their garage door. It almost seems silly to think about, but your garage door is constantly exposed to the elements and has mechanical parts that need to be inspected and maintained in order to maximize their usable life. Keeping a clean garage door in good working order goes a long way toward your overall curb appeal. Not to mention that you can void your warranty if you fail to properly maintain your garage door. But what exactly do you need to do and how often?


As a general rule, you should clean your garage door twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. Keeping this regular routine will make it easy to remember every year. However, if your home is exposed to more severe elements like extreme heat, harsh weather, or even heavy pollen you may want to clean your garage door more often. It is best to clean your garage door whenever you notice any heavy buildup of dirt on the door’s surface.


The best and easiest approach to cleaning your garage door is to make a mild cleaning solution with water and dish soap. Spray the entire surface with your garden hose. Then, working in sections, scrub the surface as best you can with a microfiber towel or soft bristle brush dipped in your cleaning solution. Rinse and repeat as necessary until the entire door is clean. For heavy soil or stubborn stains, you can use a bit of bleach diluted with water to help cut through the grime. Use caution around the joints, seals, and weather-stripping.

If your garage door has windows, you can use your same gentle cleaning solution on the windows. For a more streak-free shine, consider adding a touch of rubbing alcohol or cleaning vinegar to the soap and water mixture to speed the drying process. You can even use a dishwasher rinse aid like Jet-Dry to make your garage windows really sparkle. We do not recommend adding bleach to your window cleaning solution. Remember that mixing household chemicals can be toxic, so always keep your cleaning solution in a well-ventilated area and be sure to thoroughly read the safety instructions on the bottle before mixing any chemicals.

For best results, we advise you to keep your cleaning process gentle. Do not use a pressure washer on your garage door as you can strip away paint and cause damage to the finer mechanical workings of the garage door. You should never use any abrasive sponges or scouring tools to clean the garage door as this can damage the finish.

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