Trends come and go, and our homes are not exempt from this. As time progresses, certain home styles will go out of style and new trends will emerge. With that being said, however, some things never change. The carriage home is a classic that everyone has always adored. If you are interested in adopting this timeless aesthetic, you may want to start with your garage.

Your garage is the largest part of your home; it takes up the most space, and it has the biggest entry. However, when remodeling their homes, people often forget about their garage. With all the garage door options to choose from, however, it can be the perfect place to begin your transformation. By beginning with the garage, due to its significance in your home’s curb appeal, you can be inspired by the instant results you see. Interested? Here is how to choose a carriage house garage door to give your garage – and your home – this timeless, classic look.

Get Inspired

This is going to be a big change, so it’s important to make sure you are as satisfied as possible with your results. Before even looking at new doors or paint, scroll online and get inspired. You can find inspiration on a lot of sites, including Pinterest and HGTV. After you’ve decided on the style you would like to achieve, then you are ready to begin the process of transforming your home.

Consult a Professional

While during this process you will have ample opportunities to DIY, you should probably consult a professional when it comes to replacing your garage door. If you would like to see available options or receive a consultation, you can contact us here. A professional can help find the best option to fit your home and lifestyle.

Consider Your Budget

While not the most expensive, carriage doors can be on the more expensive end on the spectrum. When you add in extras, which can include various customizations ranging from windows to insulation, it is important to consider the cost. You can cut the cost by DIY-ing in other aspects of your home transformation. You can also ease the weight of the costs on your wallet by consulting a professional to guide you in your shopping and remodeling experience.

Customize Your Door

Classical and timeless may lead you to think of one word: bland. The last thing you want is for your garage to look like every garage in the town. You can create the classical carriage aesthetic using a variety of colors and themes. During this process, it is important to make your garage yours. Take time to customize your carriage door: add windows, change the colors, and add extras like insulation or weather-stripping. Thanks to their classic appearance, carriage style garage doors look great in nearly all variations. A new popular modification to the carriage door is a change in color; more and more people are choosing brown style doors rather than the usual white. A step as simple as this is the perfect way to reclaim your garage door and add your own style.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a new carriage style garage door, be sure to give us a call right here at Straight Up Garage for the best range of options. Our professional staff is ready to discuss your ideas and help you choose the right door for your home.

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