How to Best Make Use of Your Garage Storage Space

Organizing our indoor storage space can be difficult; however, our garages can be one of the most daunting places to take care of, even for the cleanest and most organized of us. Considering how much space there is in our garages, it’s not surprising that many people take it for granted, thinking that they can drop all their boxes and unorganized piles of ‘good to haves’ and conveniences you need once a year or so and manage to find them when you need.

That, unfortunately, doesn’t often work out well. So instead of finding these valuables pushed into a dusty corner of your garage, it instead gets buried under piles of other semi-useful items you might find all around the household. There are, however, several ways to better organize your garage space and save yourself much hassle in the future. Here are some of them.

Use Vertical Storage Space and Keep Your Floor Clear

One good way to better organize your garage storage space is to install metal shelves to put your equipment in. Through this method, you can keep the floor clear, and bit by bit, place your items on shelves that are far more easily accessible than a massive pile of things on the floor that, even if put into boxes, often ends up stacked on top of each other and difficult to navigate once you decide to store more than three or four things in.

Bulky items such as ladders and lawnmowers can have their area of the garage to be stored within. Focusing on reclaiming your floor space and keeping it uncluttered will also help you find anything you need faster as, bit by bit, you will negate the time spent searching through all your things and begin to sort things into their newfound intended place.

Labels and Designated Areas

If you use your garage to house all kinds of items, one way to ensure you never lose track of them is to label cases, shelves, and whatever else you feel the need to mark out. This will not only save you the need to worry about remembering which area of the garage is designated for what if you happen not to use it for a while but also make it far easier for your family and friends to access the garage and find whatever they might need while staying over or otherwise helping you out.

Additionally, you can use this to create ‘tool kits’ of sorts, organizing items for things such as gardening in one area or a box that can easily be taken out of the garage and used when needed before being returned to its place. A way to do this is to designate specific shelves or areas of your garage to one specific task, and even if it’s not initially filled up, we’re sure that with time you’ll find new tidbits to fill the space with.

Things to Remember

It’s not realistic to expect that you’ll be able to overhaul your entire garage space all at once, use an inch-by-inch approach and focus on the things you’d find most helpful to you. If you struggle with remembering where things are? Label your boxes and designate specific areas for certain items. If you struggle with space, maybe consider buying a few shelves and unpacking your belongings! If you’d like further topics and ideas, feel free to search our article catalog on Straight Up Garage Doors.

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