For some, they think it is more affordable to just fix things as they break instead of spending money on monthly or even annual maintenance. Of course, that is all just a myth. If you want to save money, especially when it comes to costly potential garage door repairs, it is actually better to at least engage in an annual maintenance visit.

The issue with a garage door, unlike any other part of your home, is that when one things breaks, you rarely ever just have to address that one thing. If an extension spring breaks, you can be sure another one is not far behind. If one roller breaks due to wear, replacing that singular roller is not going to be enough. You will have to replace them all.

A garage door system is a series of symmetrical balancing acts. The rollers need to all be the same size or else the system becomes unbalanced. When the system becomes unbalanced, it causes undue wear and stress to the rest of the garage door system. This means that everything else breaks faster. This is what really makes garage door repair so costly because it is very rarely the case that one aspect can be replaced without replacing the complimentary systems.

However, if you engage in annual maintenance, whether you do it yourself or have a technician come out, they can help prevent these breaks or replace them before it becomes an issue of having to replace all the others as well. Often this maintenance is simply checking everything for rust, fraying, or excessive wear. However, these simple tasks can help you prevent costly future repairs.

If your garage door is aging, then maintenance becomes even more important. If you need your garage door repaired, replaced, or even just maintained, contact us today to see what we can do for you.