Anything with moving parts requires lubrication. Over time, lubrication wears away and the moving parts will begin to cause friction with each other. While some may think friction is just more noise, it also begins to wear down the mechanism. A garage door has many moving parts, and if you want to keep your garage door moving silently and working for years to come, it needs lubrication.

Choosing the Right Grease

Grease is grease, right? Wrong. If you head down to the hardware store right now, you could find a dozen kinds of lubricant, but you will want to look for a light spray lubricant formulated specifically for garage doors.

It you choose a thicker grease that you dab on, you will likely over grease parts that don’t need lubricant and miss the ones that do completely. Furthermore, these thicker sort of grease lubricants also attract dirt, which isn’t good for moving parts either.

How Often to Apply Lubricant to a Garage Door?

How often you need to grease your garage door is dependent on the parts of a garage door. It is recommended that you lubricate the hinges, springs, rollers, and tracks every three months. However, the rail only really needs to be lubricated once per year.

The unfortunate reality is among all those household tasks you need to do, typically lubricating your garage door up is not something we really remember to do. It is easy to forget, but can lead to serious problems later down the line. However, if you get regular maintenance for your garage door, often lubrication is on that list for technicians.

If your garage door is acting up or if you are considering a new garage door installation, you need the help of a professional. For garage door repair and replacement, contact us today.

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