Picking the perfect garage door color is an important decision. This will help determine your sense of style, your homes value, and curb appeal. In this article, we are going to review a variety of color options for your garage.


Which Parts Of A Home Exterior Should I Feature?

When standing at the edge of your lawn and gazing at your home, what are the key points you see? Most likely your answer is the front door. This is the point of your home that draws people in, adding in additional features like landscaping, walkways and a porch will help add to the aesthetics of your front door. When done correctly, the garage door will only help to extend this greeting to your visitors.


What Are Some Good Colors To Choose?

Finding the right color for your garage can be a fun and exciting experience. With an assortment of options available you are sure to find one that matches and blends in with your home beautifully. Here we have a list of the most common garage door colors.White is a clean crisp color that has become a classic in its own right. White is by far the most popular color for garage doors as it provides a vivid curb appeal.

  1. Soft Gray is a delightful neutral color that is both chic and classy. It provides a similar brightness that white does with a softer feel. This color allows your garage door to blend in with the rest of your home, rather than becoming a focal point itself.
  2. Black or Dark Gray is a trendy choice that has a hip feel to it. Black, as a rule, is another classic color that adds a unique sense of style to your home. When going with this type of bold dark coloring, be sure it matches the rest of your house, or else it may look a bit sharp!
  3. Beige and Taupe are well suited for stone and brick homes. The beige or taupe garage doors will help blend these into your home with a very similar effect as the gray color. This is a fantastic neutral option if you’re not interested in white or black.
  4. A wood brown is a neutral color that has the potential to feel sophisticated and warm. With a polished feel, a good wood brown color can provide the illusion of an expensive wooden door! When going with a brown, be sure to match the tones to the rest of your home so as not to risk appearing dated.


Some Tips On Garage Door Colors

Once you’ve picked a color scheme for the exterior of your home, it’s time to look at some key strategy tips to paint your garage door and improve the overall look of your home.

  1. Avoid matching the garage door and front door colors. Leave your front door as the focal point for your home, especially if you’ve opted for a bold and bright color for your front door. Matching this to your garage door may be overwhelming to passers-by.
  2. Matching your garage doors to your house works very well. If you’re stumped on making your garage doors unique, then don’t be afraid to match them to the rest of your home! This can, in fact, make your home appear bigger and create a seamless feel.
  3. When it comes to curbing appeal, avoid trying to be unique. The reason for this is that garage doors with unusual coloring or a two-toned design don’t typically have the same curb appeal as those garage doors who have a clean neural mono-colored door. If there is the potential of ever selling your home, play it safe.
  4. Consider the materials that are present on the exterior of your home and your garage door. Is your home wood, brick, or does it have stones? These types of questions will help guide you to great exterior design.


Painting your garage door can provide a number of benefits to your home and show off your sense of style. Enjoy the process!