Great Wood Garage Door Ideas

With a bit of planning, the garage can be more than just a place to store your tools and your cars. There is a high and increasing demand for wooden garage doors as statement pieces; and with the rich look, natural feel, and wood grain texture, it’s not hard to see why wood garage doors are a desirable addition to any home. Not to mention, a new wood garage door will not only boost your home’s curb appeal, but it’s likely to increase its value, too. 

But there are so many amazing options for wood garage doors and their looks. How do you go about choosing one? Here in this article we’ll take a look at a few ideas so you can get the ball rolling.

The Basics

Wood garage doors are valued above other materials like metal and fiberglass for their customizability, beauty, and versatility. They also provide the garage and exterior space with a look of warmth and texture that’s absent in other materials. Wooden garage doors have the luxury of being able to be painted, stained, and layered to enhance your home’s architectural style.

The type of wood you select for your new garage door and both the weight and the thickness of it will play a significant role in the pricing. Suitable options for garage doors include redwood, plywood, and cedar. 

But a wooden garage door is not something you can just install and forget about–the wood can succumb to the elements, so they require regular maintenance like bi-annual sealing and periodic staining or painting to keep them looking like new. 

Patterns on a Wood Garage Door

For homes with single-color exteriors, don’t overlook the fact that your garage door can be a statement piece! Wood can bring about a kind of warmth to your home that steel and fiberglass can’t, and with a plain monotone exterior, consider using a chevron pattern or v-shaped paneling to spice things up and draw the neighbor’s eyes.

Different Materials

A popular choice for the garage space is to mix and match various materials for a sophisticated look. For example, brick walls or stone facades around a gorgeous wooden door laid out in front of a pebble driveway.

Details for a Wood Garage Door

When you want your garage door to be a statement piece, never overlook the importance of the little details. Simple pieces of hardware can turn your garage door from a dull slab of builder’s wood to a dazzling piece with a rustic vibe. For example, carriage-style doors are in high demand, featuring hinges and/or handles made typically out of bronze.

The shape, size, and number of windows on your garage door can also add a stellar impact of detail to an otherwise simple construct. 

Arches and Symmetry

In terms of structural design, choosing to go with the soft, elegant curves of an arch (or two) is a great way of enhancing the exterior and giving your home a more unique look. Symmetry is also highly desirable to bring a somewhat historical look to traditional homes. If you need help installing your new wood garage door, look no further than our experts at Straight up Doors.

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