If you have invested in a new garage door – or even if you don’t want to have to make that investment – you want to keep that garage door working right for as long as possible. While it will eventually need repair, if you want to keep wear and tear to a minimum, there are some regular habits that you should fall into.

Keep Items Off the Garage Door

If you don’t open your garage door a lot, you might fall into the habit of leaning a few items on it such as a bike or a few bags of mulch on it. However, while damage won’t occur right away, over time leaning things against a garage door will cause warping and could even cause it to slip off the track.

Cleaning the Sensors

Often the biggest cause of a garage door not working is because something is in front of the automatic sensors that serve as a safety feature. Dirt and even cobwebs can obscure the sensors and leave you thinking something much more serious is wrong with the door.


All moving parts need lubricated in order to function properly. Not lubricating the moving pieces of your garage for at least twice every year will cause those parts to wear down. This will eventually lead to issues with your garage door system. However, if you keep up with the lubrication, it can keep your garage door working better and for longer.

Regular Inspections

If you don’t want to call the repair technician out every time your door breaks down for a costly repair, it may be better to invest in annual inspection. They can help spot problem areas before they actually become a problem. This is typically a more affordable route to go for older garage doors.

If you are looking to repair or replace a garage door that has been damaged over time, contact us today.