All homeowners struggle when it comes to fitting everything into their garages. It feels like the minute everything is settled; problems start. A shelf snaps, storage bins get in the way, or the storage cupboards you chose were too wide. We are here to help you find garage storage solutions that work, and point out some common mistakes too.


  1. Get rid of that old refrigerator.

Plenty of people have the outside fridge that they keep stocked with drinks and overflow from their indoor freezer. It is time to either throw that old thing out or relocate it. A shed that has power, or the laundry room are both viable options for this old boy.

  1. Transfer everything to the same type of storage bin.

The important aspect here is the size. All of the bins should be the same model so to speak, the only thing that can vary is color. Bins that are the same size can be neatly stacked on one another, or fit on the same sized shelves. In fact, having different color may be a good organizational tactic. Color coding is a good way to figure out what items are stored where without tons of rummaging.

  1. Store sporting equipment in wall storage.

Wall storage is perfect for any and all sports equipment. It is out of the way enough to be efficient, but there is no digging in bins involved. There are ball racks that can be installed directly into walls, and floating shelves for supplies that don’t roll. Additionally, floating hooks take care of bikes, scooters, and long supplies like lacrosse sticks.


  1. Let the clutter build up.

Even in mostly organized garages, most people have that one corner that is essentially trash. Dried up cans of paint, old coffee cans of random nails, half-used bottles of oil for a long-forgotten car. The bits and pieces that everybody keeps around because “What if we need it one day?” This is official your sign, you won’t need it. Clearing out old clutter and trash creates valuable new space to work with.

  1. Hold onto an old home gym.

Plenty of people have gone through that inspirational phase when they installed a home gym in their garage. There’s nothing wrong with garage home gyms, if they are used regularly, that is a good use of the space. However, if those weights haven’t been touched in a while, it is time to get honest with yourself. Just like other clutter in the garage, it may be time to let the treadmill go.