In this era of coronavirus, you have probably been looking for ways to workout at home. Since many gyms across the country are still closed, you may have started creating your own home gym in your garage. The garage is a popular spot for a gym as it is out of the way of most other household traffic. And if it gets too hot you can always open the garage door to get some fresh air in. But if garage gyms are not quite cutting it for you, here are some ideas for stepping up your garage gym and maximizing your workout space.

Climate Control

In the summer months in Florida, it can be stifling in the garage. Even with the garage door all the way open, that humidity can make the outside temperature seem brutal. Add the increased blood flow of an effective workout, and you have a recipe for some serious discomfort. Box fans can only do so much in this situation. Another option is to install a ceiling fan to help increase airflow and provide a nice breeze. You should also make sure that your garage door is properly insulated to prevent that summer heat from becoming unbearable.


If you are taking advantage of your insulated garage door to regulate temperatures, then you do not want to open the garage door for the natural light. So what can you do? You definitely want to make sure you have sufficient light in the garage for the sake of safety and to take advantage of the cues to your body’s circadian rhythms. There is nothing worse that trying to get a workout in when your body thinks it is time for sleep. To add more light you can swap out your drab fluorescent lights with brighter LED lights. Spotlights are helpful to direct the light exactly where you need it. Additionally, you can swap out your garage door for one that has windows, so the outside light can come in without all the outside heat and humidity.


A lot of people like to listen to music while they workout. It is a great way to amp up your workout and keep you motivated. One thing to help with that is to install high-quality Bluetooth speakers in your garage so you can workout without the hassle of headphones. Another option is to purchase a light kit that has a Bluetooth speaker built into it. This way you boost both your audio and visual experience all at once.

Garage Door

If you are looking to take your garage gym experience to the next level, your garage door could be the place to start. Call Straight Up Garage Doors to discuss your options for garage door insulation, doors with windows, and much more. We can help you find the best options for your home aesthetic while making your garage gym the best it has ever been.