When you think about garage doors, it is pretty easy to understand the purpose they serve. If you look around a neighborhood, you can see so many different types of garage doors and styles, some with windows some without. Have you ever thought what purpose the windows serve? Why have windows if they are just so small? Well today we will get to the bottom of these questions and figure out the true purpose of garage door windows.

Reasons for Windows

First off, we’ll start with all the different types of windows. The styles and shapes, the tints and panes. The main reason for adding windows is the lack of light given by the light on the motor of the garage door. That light isn’t very powerful and is quite dim, but adding windows gives the sun a chance to shine in which is much brighter. It will make working in the garage a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Windows also adds curb appeal to your house. Garage doors are usually a big focus when first glancing at a house. The windows help make your house look a little more inviting and it breaks up that “sheet of metal” look which can be a little dismal and plain.

Also when considering the type of windows to get, think about matching the style with doors surrounding them. So think about if they match the style of entry door on the house and the style of the garage door. The glass can also be customized for where you live. If you live on the coast or in a very windy area, you can get impact-rated glass. High-altitude glass is also available for those who live in mountain regions above 5,000 feet. Standard glass has a chance of breaking due to the pressure, but high-altitude glass is built with a stabilizer in it to equalize pressure differences.

Window Shapes

Garage door windows can be customizable, based on the type of door you have. There are tons of different patterns, shapes, and sizes. These shapes are just the basics. They start here and there are so many different variations:

  • Cathedral
  • Sherwood I
  • Stockton I
  • Waterton I
  • Williamsburg
  • Cascadel
  • Arch
  • Stockton II
  • Sunray

 Impact on the Lifting System

When considering adding windows to an existing garage door, remember that experts suggest getting a completely new door. There are a few good reasons for this. The structure of the garage door is an important part of this decision. The garage door panel with windows will now be heavier than the other panels. This can affect the door springs. The added weight can even cause problems with an automatic garage door opener.

Another thing you may have to change is the garage door opener itself. Yes, it is true to say that a door opener can lift a weight of 230 lb., but an aged spring system could make the entire thing off balance. Garage doors usually only weigh around only 10 lb., but an unbalanced door can over tax your opener, and cause a safety hazard.

In Conclusion

Garage door windows can be a big decision to make, so take your time deciding on the design and style you want.