One of the most essential parts to any garage door is the spring itself – this applies the torsion and ‘pull’ for said doors to be capable of staying off the ground for an extended period of time. With the amount of weight and strain attributed to holding up a heavy garage door, it’s no stretch of the imagination for someone to assume that they’ll need to be replaced somewhere in a door’s lifetime.


Finding The Right Spring

You can determine a garage door’s spring from a variety of factors. If you do not have the documentation on the door’s purchase, you need to know some information beforehand to help contractors with the installation process. The differences of a garage door spring depend on the lifespan, spring’s brand, particulates in the coil, the size of the coil, and the door type it will be installed in. All of these variations are paramount to picking out what exactly you want.

If you have a standard size sectional door, a torsion spring or two extension springs might be a valid choice for replacement. Purchasing a one-piece door will require a different variety of springs, alongside rolling doors and any other more unique types. There are even differences depending on the location – as certain springs are going to have more traffic and might need additional tempering.


Helpful Reminders

  • Garage space is an important detail. Some springs might not fit into your garage if it’s limited in size. Every little detail can cause you to require purchasing a different form of spring. The amount of headroom in y our garage will be a deciding factor.
  • Commercial springs are different from residential springs, do not get the wrong type. Ask for help if needed.
  • The larger and heavier the door, the more likely your door will require more than one torsion spring to function. You can add additional springs to decrease the likelihood of a door failure.
  • Galvanized springs are better for areas with high humidity index but weaken faster in comparison to soil tempered springs. Wear and tear over rusting is the tradeoff.


DIY Garage Spring Replacement

This is not advice. This is a very purposeful warning to anyone reading. The amount of stress that garage door springs are under is absolutely frightening. A foolhardy home repairman can make a single mistake and end up losing his life if one of these springs is improperly integrated or removed from the garage door’s systems. It’s much, much safer for you to call in a professional to ensure that your safety is guaranteed.

The amount of money you might save installing a garage door spring yourself is not worth the risks involved. Our professionals at Straight Up Garage Doors would be more than happy to perform the installation for you and even offer assistance in finding the right springs to order for your home or commercial building. At our company, we value your safety above all else – ensuring that your garage functions perfectly is our standard.

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