For many people, the garage is an outdoor place to hang out, a shop or work area, a man cave, or a main entrance to one’s home. Wouldn’t it be much more enjoyable if it was screened and you didn’t have to worry about the bugs and dirt that can get into your garage if it is left open? In this article, we review the basics of garage door screens and cover how garage door screens benefit you.

The Basics

A garage door screen is affordable and is available with or without a sliding door so you don’t have to open and close the garage every time you want to enter or exit. Here are a few of the options that are available:

  • Frame Colors: white, brown, and sandstone.
  • Screen Options: standard strength fiberglass is grey with maximum airflow. Fiberglass is what you’ll see on the window screens around your home. Polyester is for maximum strength and is available in white (privacy) and black.
  • Sizes: 6’ to 18’ for width and 7’ to 10’ for height
  • Motorized versions that mount outside the garage (comes with more color options)
  • Clear all-weather vinyl cover for winter uses
  • Pet guard for retractable door
  • Lock options available

The frame will be constructed of 2×2 architectural grade aluminum with a baked on finish. It is on a maintenance free track. The screen is a spring loaded counter-balanced system for easy opening and closing. The optional sliding door makes entry and exit easy when it is down.

Why Do Garage Door Screens Do?

Here are a few major reasons installing a screen on your garage door benefits you:

Expand Square Footage.

This space will come in handy when hosting a party or large gathering while hosting out-of-town guests. This space can also be used as a hangout for your teens to be “home” with their friends while still being able to have a little bit of freedom.

Energy Efficiency.

By opening up your garage door and using a screen, you will no longer need to use fans or an A/C unit. You’ll benefit from air flow and cool evenings temperatures. This can reduce energy usage, and reduce cooling costs.

Protection From Bugs.

A screen-free, open garage puts you and your guests at the mercy of flying insects, critters and neighborhood pets. With a screen in place, you can enjoy your garage all day long – even with lights on after sunset – no need for a bug zapper, the pungent odor of citronella or copious insect repellant.

Keep Your Garage Clean.

When a garage door is open, the slightest breeze can blow leaves, dirt, pollen, dust and debris into the space. In addition to creating a messy garage, this is all the stuff you want to keep away from your home’s interior, the garage door track and its greased mechanical parts.

Improve Security.

If you like to leave your garage door open when you’re at home, the screen door is a perfect way to add an extra barrier between its contents and potential thieves that want to make a quick grab. They know that taking the time to open up a screen creates that much more noise, motion and attention – so the screen acts as a deterrent.

In Conclusion

Garage screens are available in a variety of sizes and colors. They can help you turn that unused and cluttered garage into a private, bug-free spot to entertain guests, keep house pets cool and protected, or to get the kids out of the house.