Garage door screens are fairly common along the coast of Florida. People want to be able to work in their garage and enjoy the fresh air. Plus, garage door screens provide some amazing benefits. But, there are more screening choices than you may think. In this article, we’re listing the types of garage door screens and the benefits they have.

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Overall Options And Benefits

The purpose of garage door screens is to allow you to enjoy your garage space along with the outside. With only regular garage doors, you can open then to the elements, but you also open it to the annoying insects and curious neighbors. When you are trying to enjoy your garage you want to be working on a project or hanging out in the open space. The garage in today’s age has a become a more than just a parking spot. Garage door screens give you the options you need in order to enjoy your garage the way you want.

Most producers of garage door screen can provide different options. Netting options allows you to decide how fine the openings should be giving you control over pest control and airflow. Specialty screens can be ordered specifically for privacy which is perfect for your nosey neighbors. The most important option for garage door screens is the tracking or attachments. The following are examples of those options.

Sliding Screen Doors

Sliding garage screen doors are intended for garages that have been converted into a living space or otherwise unused for parking. Majority of these screen doors sit on a stationary tract outside of your regular garage door. Resembling a sliding back door, this option allows the user to constant have the garage space open to the air and weather. Along the beach, homes have this option to enjoy extra living space and the smell of the saltwater.

Magnetic Strip Closure

Magnetic strip closures are a manual option. For these types of garage door screens, magnets are used to keep the screening closed. The screen may be clipped into place along the top or strung on a track like a curtain. Either way, the screen must be fixed into place when it is in use. Homeowners that still park in the garage but still want the versatility of the garage space use this option.

Motorized Roll-Up Garage Door Screens

The motorized roll-up garage door screens are by far the most versatile and easy to use. The screen is push-button lowered and lifted, just like a normal garage door. However, this screen rolls neatly away when not in use. Homeowners that are interested in the magnetic strip closure would be best served with the motorized roll-up.

Garage door screens are becoming more and more popular as people begin to utilize space like never before. The garage, once a place of solitude for the family SUV and Christmas decorations, now becomes a rec area, a hosting area, a shop or a gym. Screening keeps this area open to the air flow to stay cool and pest free.

Garage doors are an extension of your home. If you’re ready for a change or are in need of a service, we’re here for you. Contact us today!