Garage door safety is something that we take for granted. When a system works we assume that our home is protected by the closed door. But, how do you really know that garage doors are safe? Today, we will be answering the question of the garage door safety.

Are you the type of person who cannot sleep at night unless you’ve checked that all your doors are closed and locked? Do you sometimes drive around the neighborhood just so you can pass by your house to make sure your garage door is closed? In your mind, you cannot relax until you absolutely know that the house is secure. Most homeowners experience this anxiety at some point in the life. They want to make sure but their home is protected and secure. But, just how easy is it to open the garage door without the push button? Let’s find out.

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Locking Equipment 

Garage doors are not the strongest structures. Compared to the iron-clad front door with multiple deadlocks, a standard garage door may seem little better than a garden fence. Aluminum garage doors are lightweight. It’s not uncommon that children can lift a garage door often. Knowing that, how do you ensure that this huge door protects your home?

Most garage doors come equipped with some form of garage door safety. The safety measures include locking mechanisms in the middle the doors, as well as a locking mechanism on the tract.

After a garage door closes, the mechanism presses into the tract. This makes the garage door difficult or impossible to lift open.


The structure of a standard aluminum garage door includes four to six interlocking panels. When these panels are pressed together they provide sufficient protection from inclement weather. Similarly, this structure protects against anyone who may trying to break in. If you can imagine Single panels of an aluminum roof, those panels are flimsy on their own. However, are those panels are interlocked and installed they can protect a home for over 10 years. this is the same concept behind standard aluminum doors.

There are other materials and designs for garage doors. Certain designs can provide a stronger protective structures than others. Straight Up Garage Doors offers these different structures. a technician can answer any questions that you may have in regards to the best design and structure for you. For preview of different garage doors, click here.

Perhaps the most important structure is the garage door opener itself. There are many different garage door openers on the market. And, each one offers similar aspects of garage door safety. If you choose a different opening structure you may need a specific opener. A technician can speak with you about what combination is recommended for you.

A normal garage door is sufficient to protect your home, but it’s important for you to know that you have options. Don’t let your garage door ruin your day. We can upgrade to your garage door. If your door is in need of maintenance or repair, contact us today.