Garage Door Problems and How to Avoid Them

During seasons or periods of rambunctious activity, you may often find yourself in a hurry, passing in and out under your garage door if you have one. Whether it’s cleaning or fishing something out of the corners of your garage, it’s always good to keep the state of your garage door in mind, the last thing you need is for it to only half open the next time you try to lift it, either by hands or with a garage door opener. So, learn how to prevent garage door problems within.

So How Do You Prevent Any Breakages or Issues With Your Garage Door?

Well, a good way to prevent an issue is to see it before it becomes one. Use your eyes and ears. It’s the best way to avoid any hassles or headaches over a broken garage door. When you inevitably hear a clamber or any noise that simply doesn’t sound right for you, it could be a sign that something’s wrong.

Take the Time to Look It Over and Just Listen

You can either take the time of your day to monitor the way your garage door opens, and how it sounds while it does so. Or just stay in your garage as you close it with your garage door opener and monitor the way it closes, if there are any particular sounds that signify something is on the cusp of breaking, or if it’s simply not as fast as it should be. These usually take just a second and can help you avoid an even bigger problem that could cost you more than you’d expect out of a garage door jam, or even worse.

The simplest solutions are all you need for the most part, something like a physical obstruction in the tracks. It happens more often than you think, and can build up as it goes. Household items, gardening tools, cleaning tools, anything mundane can get stuck in the tracks and lead to more than one thing breaking that day. There’s also smaller obstructions like dirt, maybe even rust, and saw dust from any repair projects that happened within the garage, or even in close proximity.

Now, Take Note of the State of Your Tracks

If there is a thin coat of grease on the machinery, if the wheels look like they are spinning smoothly and freely, do the springs look normal? Bear in mind that the grease coating should have no dry spots, or rusty spots, or dusty spots and it should be even all around.

Conclusions and Calendar Dates for Garage Door Problems

You should also set a calendar to remind you when’s the set date for a new coat of grease for your tracks. Nothing keeps a machine running smoothly for years more than simple lubrication. Once a year should be enough for your machine, but be prepared to add more if something goes wrong. Sometimes, you may have added an insufficient amount, or a dry spot was left. It’ll also help save money, since it’s to avoid any future – albeit minor – malfunctions in your device. But, if that doesn’t cut it, contact our team at Straight Up Garage Doors to help solve any issues that arise.

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