Garage door openers have certainly come a long way over the years, especially considering the advancements in modern technology. And many garage door openers are also smart openers that allow the homeowner unique capabilities, depending on which wireless control system or app they may be using. The family owned company, Straight Up Garage Doors offers a wide variety of Genie Garage Door Openers to choose from and all are Aladdin Connect, Car2U, and HomeLink compatible.

Aladdin Connect  is a smart device app./ garage door controller that you can download from your smartphones app store. Aladdin can control up to 3 garage doors, and offers simple installation, a free download and free application. The team at Straight Up Garage Doors are experienced in syncing their garage door openers with this particular application and will show you the steps to use Aladdin Connect with your new opener. By integrating Aladdin Connect into your garage door opener system, you’ll be able automatically know when someone is operating your garage door with the opener or manually, among other things.

Additionally, garage door openers from Straight Up Garage Doors are also Car2U and HomeLink  compatible which makes operating a garage door very convenient for those with vehicle based wireless control systems.

Genie Garage Door Openers also offer sleek new remote controls, wireless keypads, and a Closed Confirmation Remote that allows you to confirm that your garage door was actually closed after you’ve driven away. Once your door is closed, this remote will notify you with a green light and a series of beeps. And one of the best new features, thanks to modern technology is the Network Adapter Ports and Plug-In Upgradeability. Genie garage door openers are truly State of the Art.

The team at Straight up Garage Doors over 35 years of experience in this field of work and are well-equipped and ready to handle a job of any size. Contact them today and allow them to assist you with your garage door opener needs; you’ll be glad you did!