As life continues to grow and evolve, it is the simple things – like garage door mechanics – that make life easier and more convenient. Garage doors are pretty easy to operate and use a simple type of machinery to assist with the process of opening and closing. Most of them are made from quality galvanized steel for lasting strength, dependability, and performance. Here is an introduction in to the process of garage door mechanics.

Types of Garage Door Systems

Garage doors utilize a counterbalance system. This uses a force to offset a weight, the garage door. Both of these methods use curved tracks with rollers connected to the door for extra support. The door is attached to a curved arm. The two types of garage door systems are

Extension Spring System

An extension spring system uses springs that are attached to cables which are attached to the bottom corners of the door. When the door is closed it stretches the springs and that energy stored in the springs is what lifts the door. This system will need to be replaced after being used so many times. The steel in the springs will weaken and eventually break. It is important to check that the safety cable runs through the spring in case the springs do break. That prevents property damage or injury. This system tends to be cheaper, but remember it will only last a certain amount of time due to the weight put on the springs.

Torsion Spring System

This is the most common type of garage doors. These have springs that are mounted horizontally above the door opening. When the door closes, the cables attached to the bottom corners wind the springs and create stored energy. This energy is what helps the door raise up when being opened. As the door is used the steel in the springs wears down and can no longer lift the door. This is a more robust system and has fewer exposed parts. This does last longer than the extension spring system. It is also safer to use. It is typically the more expensive option, but will save you over time on maintenance costs.

Converting Door Systems

If you have an extension spring system, it is possible to convert your garage door into a torsion spring system. Garage doors are designed to typically work with both systems, so it won’t be outrageously expensive to convert systems if you so choose. If you do make this decision, it is highly recommended to get a professional to do this. The tension built up in the springs can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

In Summary

Garage doors are such a simple joy in life. They add to the convenience of everyday life and the little things not always thought about. Now that you know the mechanics behind garage doors, if you ever do run into problems with yours you will be able to resolve it safely. This makes the whole problem much more manageable and possible.