It is always important for homeowners to keep their residential dwelling protected and safe to the best of their abilities. Housing insurance agents and underwriters also look for this expectation of protection when they write policies and provide coverage. While taking care of one’s roof and windows means a lot, there is also an emphasis placed on making sure garages are adequately maintained especially as it relates to the  garage doors and openers.

Entrance Protection

Garage doors need to be properly maintained and secure in order to keep all items stored inside of the parking stalls protected from severe weather damage, theft, and vandalism. Older doors that do not fully close all the way to the ground could invite trouble, and broken down doors are not reliable when it comes to keeping out unwanted visitors, critters, or debris blown in from high winds and storms.

The locking mechanisms for a garage door should also be evaluated on a regular basis in order to make sure that the doors are opening, closing, and locking properly. According to an article posted by Angie’s List, “Your garage door is your home’s largest moving object, and possibly its hardest-working component. The average electric opener raises and lowers the 150- to 250-pound door more than a thousand times a year.”

Regular Maintenance

Hiring a professional contractor to inspect and maintain garage doors is a smart idea. Routine maintenance and minor repair work costs much less than the total replacement of garage doors and openers. Having to file an insurance claim report due to damage or disaster happening from worn down garage doors could also be a major financial hurdle. Homeowners that regularly maintain their home may be eligible for discounts to their insurance policies. That is why it is important to keep hard copy files on-hand whenever a garage door is upgraded, repaired, or replaced. This type of maintenance record shows a commitment to taking care of the property, and can also be used as proof in the event of an insurance dispute or claim settlement.

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