Garage Conversion Ideas

If you’re accustomed to parking your car outside and you’ve recently or ‘always had’ a garage, you have plenty of opportunities on your hand for something great. With this surplus of empty, unused space in your garage, it might be time to begin considering what to do with it. There are plenty of interesting, unique concepts, but to begin, we have a few suggestions that might help you kickstart some ideas.

Wine/Beer Cellar

With a little creativity, you could easily convert the garage into somewhere to store your excessive collection of spirits. Place a set of shells, drag in a few kegs, and create a space for yourself to enjoy the fruits of varied barleys and berries, all in the comfort of a private little room to yourself. First, be sure to install proper insulation and temperature regulation; otherwise, elsewise, tragedy might befall your oh-so-important collection.

Atop that, you could also always attempt to brew your own beers right there within that room as well. Turn it into an alcohol gourmet’s wet dream with a little work and brewing ability. Again, though, be sure not to go overboard, as an individual is only allowed to brew 200 gallons for himself.

Play Room

With kids causing a mess in the living room being a common occurrence for all parents, you could always corral them into the garage instead, where it’s nice and out-of-sight when they ultimately hurl their toys all across the room. At the very least, it won’t raise your stress levels to a boiling point with them bouncing in front of the television so frequently as they did before.

Hobby Room

If you’re lacking a workshop, why not try converting your garage into one? Throw in your woodworking equipment, drag in that old easel, and install a sculptor’s wheel – This space could easily be used to chase unique passions in a way that provides a creative boon. You’d even have the relief of fresh air and sunlight with the press of a button, provided your garage door is an automatic variant.
Thankfully, you wouldn’t even need to be rid of those concrete floors – The bare stone makes cleaning up paint and other spills much less of a hassle.

Private Retreat Conversion

If you’re a family man, everyone needs somewhere to escape to just for a little while. A private, personal space of all your favorite things from games, décor, pool tables, and more. Throw in a flatscreen, paint the walls with fluorescent paint and install specialized lights – Turn this empty garage into a statement of your personal hobbies.

Garage Conversion to Home Gym

Then finally, the option of including a home gym. Just, drag your weightlifting equipment in, and cancel your memberships. Again, you shouldn’t need any ‘lug alarm’ in the comfort of your own home. Just be sure to be careful, as, without a squatter on hand, you could easily get into trouble.

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