Traditional aluminum garage doors are popular for a number of reasons. Primarily due to the aluminum doors positioning themselves at exactly the crossroads between durability and affordability. However, they are not the most aesthetic of options. Full view aluminum garage doors bring aestheticism to the practicality of aluminum garage doors. Read on to learn all about this exciting and unique option of full view aluminum garage door.

The Aesthetic Of Full View Aluminum Garage Doors

Full-view aluminum garage doors are an equal mix of modern and industrial looks. The aluminum frame is complimented by glass panels. There are a variety of arrangements and designs that homeowners have to choose from. The most common full-view aluminum arrangement is an aluminum grid composed of four glass panels by four glass panels.

The look is highly unique and is an excellent way to differentiate a home when trying to boost curb appeal or stand out in a neighborhood. It dramatically increases the value of a home by improving the front elevation.

A Wide Variety Of Options

The aluminum frame and the glass panes in full view doors have a variety or options and finishes.

The aluminum can be painted, or powder coated in order to change the color or finish. Powder coating lasts longer than traditional painting methods and lends a cleaner look. Concerning color, the sky is the limit. Although, most homeowners opt to stay with black, silver, or grey for the aluminum.

For glass, there are even more options. Glass options include tempered, insulated, acrylic replacements, clear, tinted, frosted, or translucent. Additionally, homeowners have the choice to combine any of the above options for decorative or aesthetic options. When it comes to glass, the homeowner also decides the glass layout or arrangement.

Easy To Use

A full view door is extremely easy to use. In addition to acting as any other door, the aluminum frame makes the door extremely lightweight. The lighter weight means that less strain is placed on garage door components, such as torsion springs. That also means that when a hurricane kills the power, the door is easier to manually lift and close.

Embrace Natural Light

When homeowners elect to make the glass on the door tempered or frosted, the glass still permits plenty of light to come through. A majority of garages do not have windows or skylights. As a result, a full view garage door is the perfect way to permit natural light to come through.

Natural light, even with the door closed, is advantageous for a number of reasons. First and foremost, homeowners can still access work without being exposed to the elements. In Florida, the ability to escape sweltering heat or pouring rain is incomparably valuable.