Fixing A Noisy Garage Door

It may be time to service or repair the door if you hear screeching and grinding sounds from your noisy garage door. Spending a few hours every year to maintain your garage door will keep it functioning smoothly. But, if you want exceptional performance for your system… Service your garage door every six months. If you use it a lot, every three months is best.

You can do several things yourself to help keep your garage door running smoothly. Fixing or replacing a broken chain, oiling the track, and adjusting your garage door opener are a few maintenance tasks that can help prevent noise. If these methods don’t work or something is wrong with your garage door itself, call in a professional for help.

But, if you want to fix the garage yourself – If you’re searching for answers to why your garage door is so loud, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will give you the solutions to common causes of a noisy garage door, how to fix them, and how to maintain your garage door so it doesn’t become loud again in the future.

Damaged Tracks

It may have bent if your garage door track seems to struggle when opening and closing. Bent tracks often cause a loud noise when the garage door is in motion. Loose screws or rollers can come loose from a damaged track. It might be time for repair and maintenance if your tracks are bent.

Loose Mechanisms

Your garage door can rattle or make other loud noises without proper maintenance. The good news is that you don’t have to replace the whole thing; you can quickly fix it. The intricate mechanisms of the garage door system are neatly divided into parts. Each section must function in harmony for the door to function correctly. With that said, some parts have a shorter lifespan than others and will eventually require replacement. Check them all, go through the system from A-Z, and you’ll likely find the cause.

Noisy Garage Door Might Be Lacking Lubrication

To keep your door running quietly and efficiently, it’s important to oil the rollers and hinges. Without lubrication, worn hardware and rollers will rub against each other, making loud and distracting sounds. Fortunately, this is one of the most straightforward problems to fix.

Improper Door Balancing

Springs balance the weight of your garage door, so it opens and closes smoothly. If you notice your garage door is unbalanced, it’s probably because the springs exert too much or too little tension to counterbalance the door’s weight. An unbalanced garage door can cause the opener to strain, which can snap a spring or cable if not corrected.

Incorrect Installation and More.

A garage door should be properly and safely installed to open and close quickly and with minimal noise. If you’re having issues with your garage door, there may be a problem with the installation. Finding a reliable repair service like Straight Up Garage Doors might be the solution you need if this is the case.

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