Have you ever heard of garage door openers having memory? Like a tiny elephant, your door opener stores information you may not have thought to record. From signal codes to opening dates, your garage door opener may be more advanced than you think. In this article, we’re looking at the door opener memory capabilities you didn’t know about.

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Entry Codes And Multiple Remotes

Your door opener memory bank stores all the entry codes for each remote that is associated with the opener. Meaning, it remembers your entry codes on your remote, your spouse’s, kid’s, roommate’s, etc. The door opener memory also stores keyless entry codes for keypads. New home owners should erase the entry code memory as precaution to unauthorized entry with a stolen remote.

How To Erase The Memory On My Opener

Erasing the memory of your opener should be fairly simple. If you are not afraid of heights, grad a ladder and position it below your garage door opener. Locate the learn or memory button the opener. Push and hold until you see a light change. Erasing the memory will render your remotes inactive until they are reconnected to the door opener memory. After erasing your garage opener memory, be sure to reconnect your remotes.

Garage door openers can vary in functions. If your garage opener memory is difficult to clear, you may need to consult your operator’s manual. Also, you can contact your local garage door specialist. They can clear the memory for you and perform regular garage door maintenance.

Smart Openers

Smart openers can have a range of memory functions. Their memory includes the basic entry codes, keyless passwords, and users. However, smart remotes are typically app based phone applications that contain extra features. For instance, some remotes alert you when another remote is used. The memory cache for these remotes can hold information such as garage door opening logs, encrypted or immediate entry code change, and remote lock. Advanced functions can even link to other smart devices in your home.

Clearing Smart Opener Memory

Smart door opener memory should be cleared with a similar process. Although, each door opener has different capabilities and link options. The door opener memory should clear not only the keyless entry codes and the standard remotes, but also the app based remotes as well. Reconnecting your app based remote may include steps to enter serial numbers or scan a code on your opener. After you clear the memory on your opener, you may also loose the log entries available on your smart phone.

Homeowners need to clear the memory on their door openers on a regular basis. It is not uncommon for homeowner to erase door opener memory prior to leave for a trip, and then again when they return. Memory is the key to your garage opening system. Understanding its capabilities can help keep your home safe and sound.

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