Do I Want a Single or Double Door

Homeowners lucky enough to have a big garage tend to have some questions. If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re better off with one large door or a double door, you’re in the right place. As experts in all things garage doors, we can tell you every home is different. Every home – Even prefab homes – Has its own architectural style and footprint. A wide garage door may work better on some design styles than others. Some prefer one look over another for each home’s facade. A single wide door often works best on more modern, angular, unit-based stylings. Of course, you’re probably still wondering how to decide which is the door for you. This article will help you choose.

Pros and Cons of Each

Double-wide doors have a pointed advantage in terms of upkeep. Because you only have to worry about maintaining one door, you can control costs easier. This is especially true when considering garage door opening systems. Double-wide doors also make it easier to park cars and give more room for you to maneuver. However, the cons include a pricier single garage system. In addition, if the system stops working and both cars are inside, you won’t be able to get them out until the door is fixed.

Single doors, meanwhile, have more flexibility with how much airflow enters your garage. If you only use one car primarily, it can park in the driveway while the other half of the garage is used for other things. This could be hobbies, a home gym, or more. Even storage is a good use of garage space. Since you don’t have to expose the entire garage every time you open the door, anything stored behind it will stay protected. However, because you run two-door opening systems, the electrical cost is a little greater. The maintenance cost is also increased, as regular use of both doors will wear out two systems instead of one.

What Are Your Needs?

The actual needs of your house and lifestyle can play a big role in your garage design. An attached garage vs. a detached garage can have two very different climates. They also tend to have very different architectural styles. If you want two garage doors and set on them, make sure your garage can fit them. Two 9-footers need at least 24 feet of width in your garage to function well. They also cut into storage space, so consider your garage’s layout as well.

The Bottom Line for Double Door or Single Door

Both of these types of garage doors are meant for different purposes and styles. For example, a garage in front of the house facing the street may draw the eye too much with a single door. The next consideration – And maybe the most important – Is price. The doors themselves will come out to be almost identical in price. This is because garage doors tend to charge by pound of material used, and the labor to make both styles is similar. However, the garage door opening system can present a significant cost. Installation, carpentry, and the machines themselves can run a steep fee.

As you’re designing and planning your new garage, give Straight Up Garage Doors a call. We’ll help you identify your needs, risks, and options and install your new equipment the right way.

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