Both chain drive and belt drive garage door openers offer the same kind of function. You should know several things before making a purchase for your garage and planning on a new garage door opening system. Some things that can vary include the build and construction, their durability, and the noise that they make whenever you open, close, or otherwise operate your garage door opening system. We’ll be going over these differences in this article.

The Construction and Design of the Systems

Both chain and belt-driven garage door opening systems rely on a basic rolling chain and pulley mechanism to open your garage door. When you press a button or trigger a sensor or switch, the drive system begins to rotate, and the feed unit will either pull the garage door up or down. The difference is in the feed unit. It is a metal chain in a chain-driven system, but in a belt drive system, it is a rubber and polyurethane belt or some other mixture.

Which is Stronger than the Other?

When it comes to reliability, chain drive systems will almost never let you down. That said, because they are made of metal, which rubs against metal, they do require regular checkups and maintenance such as oiling, aligning, and watching for any signs of stress fractures or damage. This work is essential for the longevity and reliability of a chain-driven system. If not taken care of, there is a real possibility that the pulley may begin to chew up the chain, raining down metal shavings. Belt drive systems can be sensitive to adjustments and tightness and other factors such as greasing flaws or temperature changes. They can still be just as reliable as chain drive systems if they receive proper care and maintenance.

How Noisy Are Each of Them?

Both chain and belt drive systems have parts made of pure metal and tend to make noise when in operation. Depending on who you ask and what your door is made of, some people will insist chain drive systems are louder while others swear that they are quiet as a mouse. In reality, the care, maintenance, lubrication, and alignment of systems kept in proper condition will keep either system running quietly.

The Final Verdict

So, which is better for you? You might have noticed, but coming to a conclusion about an objective better garage door opening system is difficult as they both perform the same duties as well as one another. It all depends on how much maintenance you want to do and what the needs of your garage and garage door might be. If this is a lot to take in, don’t worry.

The professionals at Straight Up Garage Doors will be able to help you make the best decision for your garage and budget and install them with expert care. Leaving maintenance to professionals also ensures that no garage door components face neglect. If you want to be sure that your garage door professional washes, lubricates, and cares for vital parts, then you’ll want to call Straight Up today and start figuring out how we can deliver you a quiet, reliable garage door opening system regardless of the drive system you decide on.

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