Many homeowners are in the habit of not realizing that their garage door is being neglected until something serious happens. You might ignore a small issue because the door still works, but small issues with garage doors always become bigger issues. The longer you have your garage door, the more of these issues will show up. If your garage door is getting up there in years, you will start to experience theses distinct downsides of having an older garage door.

Dated Openers

There have been quite a few innovations to garage door opener technology, and while many were born for convenience, some were actually rather necessary. Your older garage door may lack the safety features required of more modern doors, which will need to be fixed before doing something like selling your home. Furthermore, modern technology can also interfere with older garage door technology, such as RFID signals causing your door to open or close unexpectedly.

Finally, if you have an older garage door opener, the older it gets, the more difficult it will become to repair. It is not so much that a technician can’t fix it, but rather it is less likely they will have parts to fix older openers. This could mean ordering those parts, making the repair take longer, or it could mean needing to completely replace it because they no longer make parts for it.

Security Concerns

You may notice that your aging garage door is starting to manifest a few gaps. This might not be an issue for you, but it could become one. As the panels and fittings get looser with age, they become much easier to pry open. This means your garage door becomes much less effective against burglars.

Compromised Springs

Your garage door springs should always be a serious concern. If those springs break, your garage door breaks. However, the real issue is that they can break with such force that it can cause very serious injury or property damage. If your door is old and the springs are old, when those springs snap and the door unexpected drops, it is also probably going to break the entire door as well.

If you are the owner of an aging garage door and are considering getting a new garage door or opening system, contact us today.