Your home is beautiful. It is exactly as you want it. You did renovations, added a pool. Why leave your garage so outdated? Upgrading your garage is one of the easiest and most effective ways to update your home. Choosing a contemporary garage door style will help to rejuvenate and bring the life to your home’s exterior. There are so many options for you to choose from, such as glass, aluminum, fiberglass, and steel paneled or painted. You can also choose from anodized or wood grain powder coated finishes. Garage door window styles and hardware are all options you can determine based on the door model you choose. Read on to learn about how to pick a contemporary garage door style for your home.


Glass or full-view doors offer a great choice for garages intended to get lots of bright, natural light, open visibility, and a modern, industrial feel. These doors can be used as a regular exterior garage door, and interior room divider, or even as a flexible back door that can easily allow indoor and outdoor spaces to come together.

Glass doors can be seen used at restaurants, service and fire stations, car dealerships, and commercial, retail, and office buildings. There is an architectural appeal with these doors that is growing. These doors are even more popular than ever and are incredibly fashionable in residential neighborhoods.


These are a very unique look for today’s more modern and contemporary-styled houses. Crisp lines and a polished design formed from a durable erosion resistant aluminum frame. It has light filtering glass that make a beautiful addition to your home. These have a wide, heavy-duty frame with an array of frame finishes. You can customize the size up to twenty-six feet wide. These offer contemporary elegance while delivering maximum light into your garage.

Carriage House Style

Carriage house garage doors combine two of the most frequently sought-after elements of residential garage doors – the rustic charm of the carriage house and the modern convenience of an overhead-opening garage door. Whether you are building new or renovating a current garage door. This style can be the perfect way to include own style into your home’s curb appeal. These doors come in a wide range of materials, styles, colors, and textures.

These doors date back to the era of carriage house, which was originally used to house the horse drawn carriages. Since the typical family now travels by car instead of carriage, a popular way to still use that style and encapsulate the historical charm is to choose a carriage house styled garage door.

Because these doors were originally made from wood, natural finishes are a very popular look for this type of garage door. Homeowners seeking a “country-style” garage door may choose a painted white finish with panels with a crossbuck panel. A wide variety of other styles are also available, including customizable paint and stain options to add the finishing touch to any home.

In Conclusion

Installing an upgraded garage door to match your home’s unique style is one of the best investments you can make, with an average satisfaction rating of over 98% according to a survey from Remodeling Magazine. You might not be able to predict whether quartz or granite will be in vogue next, but a new modern garage door is one home improvement project that you can count on for value, beauty, and reliability for years to come.