Garage remote issues. They happen to everyone. One moment you’re pulling into the driveway ready to go in your home to relax, but then your remote stops working. You’re left to figure out how to get inside with open a garage door opener. Unfortunately, garage remote issues are common. The good news is that they are usually easy to fix. In this article, we’re looking at the common garage remote issues and how to fix them.

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The Battery Needs Replacing

Why isn’t your r remote working? Did the battery die? Asking someone if the battery is dead is along the lines of asking them if they plugged in their computer before trying to use it. Even as a common sense kind of issue, it can be hard to imagine. A garage remote can have an extremely long battery life. Some batteries can even last a couple years. So, when the battery finally does deplete it can come as a surprise.

The Fix

Stay aware of any lag time you may notice between the time you push the remote and your garage door opening. Lagging could be a sign of a dying battery. Also, if the distance that you can open the garage has been getting smaller, it may be time for replacement. Your battery should be simple to remove, either by slide lock or a screw closure. Replacement batteries are typically sold at your hardware store.

The Remote Has Been Damaged

Garage remote issues can be anything. A damaged remote can be anything from you dropped it when cleaning the car to you pulverized it by running it over. Accidentally, of course. Anyway, the point is that remote damage can be visual or internal. Damage occurs when the remote meets something of force. It can also incur damage by moisture. The internal components of a remote may seem a simple package. However, if the internal wiring has been compromised, the remote just won’t work anymore.

The Fix

Garage door remotes can be universal or brand specific. If you have irreparable damage the best fix is to order a replacement. For information, you can consult the manual that came with your garage door or contact a customer service for the brand. If you are unable to find the information you need, reach out to your local garage door specialist. They may be able to help.

The Remote Memory Has Been Erased

Your garage door remote has memory. While that sounds crazy, there is a simple answer. Your remote must remember the garage door that it’s associated with and the information to project entry commands. Nothing top secret (unless you have the smart openers). But, if that information has somewhat been corrupted or erased then your remote will stop working.

The Fix

Garage remote issues where the memory has been or needs to be erased is not uncommon. Whether your remote memory has been or needs to be erased is process that results in have to sync the remote to your garage once more. Your garage manual should have instruction on how to connect your remote. If you are unsuccessful, you may have internal damage. In that case, you should obtain a replacement and sync the new remote.

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