Cleaning Your Garage’s Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is highly desirable in the garage space–among others–due to its incredibly easy maintenance. Whether you’re thinking about getting this kind of floor and want to know how easy it is to take care of, or you just moved into a new home that features it, we’ve got all the tips you could need on cleaning up your epoxy floor and keeping it looking as sleek as the day it was installed.

Small Spills

These kinds of messes are the easiest to clean on epoxy floors because all you need to do is grab yourself a clean cloth or paper towel, wipe it up, and you’re good to go! However, if you’ve got a larger spill on your hands, check out the stain removal section of our tips just in case the mess you’ve got needs a little more care to remove.


Maintaining epoxy flooring is super easy with just a regular sweeping done by a soft-bristle or even a commercial dust mop. Keeping it clean from debris like dust, dirt, sand, trash, and wood shavings is as effortless as keeping a kitchen floor or walkway nice and tidy. Doing it regularly suits it best for keeping it looking nice, but with how little it takes for simple dry debris, you can do it as necessary.


A good sweep is great and all, but if you want your epoxy floor to really sparkle, then you’ll want to break out the mop and bucket once in a while to give it that extra shine. Fortunately, for this kind of cleaning you don’t even need any special solutions or mopping tools.

Mopping up your epoxy floor is as easy as filling a bucket with water and adding a third of a cup of dish soap to it, soaking the solution into a synthetic fabric mop (such as rayon) and wiping it down as usual.

Some tips suggest not to use soap because it can leave a haze on the floor, but with some care and plenty of rinsing you should have no trouble; you just don’t want the soap to dry onto the surface of the floor. However, we do not recommend using a mop with natural fibers as they can get stuck on the coating of the floor and leave behind unsightly bits of itself that lead to future problems.

Epoxy Flooring Stain Removal

The most intensive part of cleaning your epoxy flooring, stain removal will first depend on how long the stain in question has been there. For large stains or stains that have been sitting around for a while, mix up a solution of about four to five ounces of ammonia to each gallon of water, mop the stain with the solution, and leave it to dry.

Other Tips

Before you go, we have just a few more extra tips on do’s and don’ts for you when it comes to cleaning your epoxy flooring. Keep these in mind!

  • Do not use acid-based cleaners like citrus or vinegar
  • Similarly, don’t use abrasive cleaning products like Comet or Ajax
  • Because epoxy flooring is so smooth, try using pads under things like welcome mats to keep them from slipping
  • For your garage in particular, some hot water and a deck brush works wonders to remove the hazy residue left behind by winter road treatment compounds

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