Cleaning Up Your Garage

It’s often daunting to consider how to clean up the garage space with how many things we tend to shove in there, but have no fear – we’ve compiled some of our favorite tips for cleaning up the versatile garage space so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Garage cleaning can seem like a mountain of a task, so we’ve split it up into more manageable pieces for you to help you tackle that out-of-control space.


Many of us see cleaning the garage as a huge task that needs to get done in a single go, which tends to cause a lot of stress. Remind yourself that it just isn’t a realistic goal, and that every little bit that you get done helps towards the finished product. Enjoy the little victories that you make along the way – if you’ve made an improvement and even one section is better than it was before, then you’ve got a win.

Assess the Damage

Before you actually get into the process of cleaning, don’t worry about trying to remove or clean anything. Just take a look around and make note of what you see and what you want to accomplish. Consider taking pictures or making a list; anything that can help you feel more in control of the situation before you start.

Pay particular attention to large or bulky pieces in your garage on this first trip and think about whether these are items you might want to get rid of. If they are, spend today researching where you can take the items or where you can sell them, and if you intend to sell them on a local platform, get started on taking pictures and making an ad.

Another day, go over your pictures and/or your list and make a new list of the items you saw that you want to get rid of. Do the same process as with bulky items; figure out where it can or will go, and iron out those details in advance.

Once you’ve taken care of all that, you can schedule a weekend (or weekends if your garage is really stuffed) to start sorting through everything and getting rid of what you don’t want. Repeat all steps as needed until you’ve gotten rid of all the clutter you don’t want.


Consider investing in more proper storage setups for your garage space like cabinets and wall-mounted storage.

Try some overhead storage to stow things you don’t use as often like holiday decorations if your garage is particularly cramped, but be sure to have a professional install them for your safety.

Things that can be dangerous to pets or children are often best kept in locked cabinets. Some of these hazardous things can include tools like chainsaws or nail guns, or chemicals like antifreeze and pesticides.

For the things you use more frequently like bikes and children’s outdoor toys, move them to the entrance of the garage for easier access and outfit the area with storage that fits their purposes like bike hooks for bikes and shelves for gardening supplies.

Keep Up the Good Work

Last but certainly not least, like with any space, the best way to prevent a huge job in the future is to keep up with maintenance. In the case of the garage, view it as a useful and important space in your home rather than a dumping ground for clutter and things you don’t know what to do with.

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