Cleaning a Wood Garage Door

With the nitty-gritty hustling of the Holiday’s put to an end for the year, it’s pretty easy to shove the responsibility of cleaning a Wayne Dalton wooden garage door on the side for a later date. Unfortunately, many people think that cleaning a wood garage door isn’t very important. Instead, they would rather wait until it is an important topic to handle, however caring for garage doors, no matter the material given for installation, is nonetheless important. For example, suppose the finish isn’t properly maintained. In that case, there is the risk of the door itself being worn down over time, especially since wooden garage doors are a little trickier to clean than other installations. Luckily, we managed to round up a few notices and words of advice on how to ensure that your garage door isn’t damaged or in an even worse state of repair!

Step 1: Annual Cleaning of your Wood Garage Door

It is encouraged that you should clean your garage door at least once a year. It’s a good form of practice to not only beautify your home but also help prolong Wayne Dalton’s garage door lifespan. However, before cleaning on a wooden garage door, always check and see if your door’s primer is in good condition. It is best to refurbish and fix up the primer first. Afterward, if all other conditions are good, you can begin cleaning.

Step 2: Mixing Liquids

You’ll need a bucket, a pretty decent one at that. After grabbing one cup of mild household detergent, fill the bucket with five gallons of warm water and begin wiping down the garage door. While water mixing with wood might risk rotting the wood itself, quite the contrary wiping down the wood garage door with the warm mixture of water and household detergent will not harm the exterior and helps wipe away dirt, grime, stains, and various other forms of muck that has been latching on to the garage door.

Step 3: Wiping

Grabbing a soft cloth or a sponge, start wiping off all the dirt, stains, dust, and other unwanted grimey essences from the wooden surface of the door. An important note, however, is to always start from top to bottom to make it easier to move it along to the floor rather than up to the surface of the garage ceiling. It is also very important that it’s not just the door itself that needs to be cleaned, but also parts of the garage door as well, such as the knobs and the corners.
If there is a sight of eroding or thinning from the garage door finish that would risk the wood being exposed, then follow the same instructions as above, but this time only clean the area where you believe the wooden substrate is protruding. Afterward, cover and prime the surface with oil primer and finish it off with a finisher coating.

Step 4: Rinsing

Once all the previous three steps have been completed, simply rinse off the door with clean water and let it dry completely. With that, congrats! You’ve got yourself a clean new Wayne Dalton wooden garage door that’ll last until the next year or so! However, it’s always best to ask a professional any further questions.

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