When it comes to summer, there is a lot of cleaning to do. Leaves are falling, bugs are accumulating, and dust is blowing around. It seems like a lot of hard work! So not many people look forward to cleaning out their garages. You use the garage and your garage door every day. When you use it, dirt and debris accumulate fast, not only from outside but also from storage. Luckily, there are ways to clean smarter and not harder.

Clean Garage Challenge

Once you finish up, you’ll be glad because your garage will look great! While manufacturers build garage doors to be strong and last for a long time, they still need maintenance. So as you clean your garage, take the opportunity to look your garage door over and see if it needs any repairs. As you do, give this challenge a whirl. Grade your garage based on how many of these easy-to-miss areas are taken care of. If you find anything you missed, give it a once over! You’ll be glad you did, as you’ll be helping your garage stay fresh and clean throughout the summer.

#1: Has Your Garage Been Wiped Down?

Wiping down flat surfaces and shelving units to remove dust is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do when cleaning your garage, and though it might make sense to clean the floor first, it is essential to do so later.

#2: Have Your Slatwall Panels Been Cleaned?

You can clean Slatwall panels with a rag, but for whatever reason, a lot of people just leave their garages to collect oil, exhaust, and other stains. Perhaps they assume that a garage will always be dirty? Whatever the case, if your garage is made of smooth panels, this should be a breeze. However, you can clean rough materials with downward strokes of a broom. These are great at getting cobwebs, too!

#3: How Do The Floors Look?

When did you last time sweep your garage? Some people have carpeted sections in the garage, and these are important to vacuum and shampoo because they act as breeding grounds for bacteria and insects when improperly cared for. Sweep the debris out your door, and make sure to get the corners!

#4: No, Really – How’s the Floor?

For garages that need extra TLC, consider cleaning the floor with the garden hose and a bit of cleanser. A mop could also do if your floor is already looking pretty nice, and when it’s all sprayed down and washed, consider using a squeegee to remove the standing water, so moisture doesn’t accumulate.

#5: Is Your Garage Door Clean?

This is a big one. We mean big. The garage door can be made of a variety of materials that all have their own cleaning needs, and you can simply rinse off most materials with a hose and some soapy water. However, other materials might need more specialized care. Be sure to clean the sides and rails, as well! These places can gather dirt and debris that can actually damage your garage opening system.

Clean Garage Challenge Conclusion

How did you do? If you missed a few spots, don’t worry! Keep this challenge around as a checklist and get in the habit of regularly cleaning out your garage. If you need help or advice on what to use for the material your garage door is made of, give us a call. We can probably swing a couple of extra pointers your way, and if you find that you need any repairs, that’s what we’re here for. This goes extra for anything involving your garage door opening system!

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