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Garage Door Preventative Maintenance Tips

Your garage has one job – to protect your vehicles from damage by keeping it tucked away from the elements. Sometimes a garage will have problems of its own though. Your garage door is an important piece of the puzzle and it can actually become a hazard. Sometimes it can become warped or the rollers can become damaged, leading to [...]

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A DIY Guide to Repairing your Garage Door

There are two specific components to a garage door – the door itself and the mechanism that opens it. This blog post is going to show you how to repair both of these things. Always remember that when making repairs, safety comes first so be sure that you have the proper tools. If not, then you should bring in a [...]

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DIY Tips for Maintenance your Garage Door

Most people take their garage door for granted. They expect it to work perfectly until the day it comes crashing down on them – quite literally! Then it becomes one of the most frustrating things in your life. By the time you realize how important it is, it has already cost you a lot of money. Did you know that [...]

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Garage Door Preventative Maintenance is Essential

Investing time in regular inspections of your garage door will end up saving you money in the long-term. With the proper preventative maintenance, your garage door will last for years. However, it can quickly become a hazard and lead to costly damage if it’s not regularly inspected. Let’s take a quick look at some preventative maintenance methods that you can [...]

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Stay Safe by Performing Regular Garage Door Maintenance

When we think about all of our responsibilities as homeowners, the first issues that come to mind are roof maintenance, foundation inspections, and landscaping. Most people forget about the maintenance of their garage door – that is, until it stops working or causes damage. The truth is that the garage door is a barrier to your home so it’s an [...]

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Signs of a Broken Garage Door Opener

When most people hear the term "garage door opener" they typically think of the small remote in their vehicle or maybe the manual button attached to the wall, but a garage door opener is actually the upper assembly attached to the ceiling. These units are generally dependable and are seldom responsible for the most common garage door issues. However, when [...]

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