Best Types of Garage Lighting

Considering how many of us use our garage as a be-all storage space for cars, old toys, tools, bikes, and more… It can be a fairly well-traveled area of the home prone to more useful than many other places in the home. Thus, it can be said that this room is exceptionally important in terms of ‘providing good lighting.’ This article beneath can help you pick out exactly what kind of lighting is the best fit for you and your home, guaranteed.

The lighting, of course, is going to be determined by what you use your garage for – be it simple car storage, a spare bedroom, or some small home gym tucked away in the corner of the room.

Fluorescent Garage Lighting

One of the most popular options for lighting your garage is a set of fluorescent lights. They use up little energy and are incredibly efficient at lighting a space. They are first choice for a reason, being compact and cooler, which can make all the difference in Florida’s heated summer months. Unfortunately, though, the downside is that these lights are a tad slower to reach full brightness compared to some of the other options. If you do not enjoy waiting a few moments for them to reach full intensity, they might not be the lights for you… They’re also not the most durable.

Incandescent Lights

Another popular option to consider is incandescent lights or halogen lights. They are more ‘energy efficient’ because they reflect heat back into their center, have a longer lifespan, have deeper colors, and are in a variety of colors. They could be considered a more stylish choice for a more stylish homeowner. Unfortunately, though, these lights are not exactly the most energy-friendly for those who are more environmentally conservative. You might seek alternative sources if that is a major concern.

LED Lights

Finally, we’re onto one of the most modern lights on the list – LED. They are an impressive option for energy efficiency, durability, and lighting speed. They last an incredible amount of time, save money on your electricity bill, and provide a comforting glow for any beneath their radius. You can expect many altering styles to this light in comparison to the typical ‘bar’ of incandescent or fluorescent bulbs – Providing your garage with far more options for the style than what would typically be available to you. With this setup, you could even add in a fan or two to cool down your garage in the hotter months a few degrees.

Closing for Garage Lighting

With these in mind, you will likely need expert advice on installing them into your existing garage. However, if you wish to implement them correctly, and prevent garage door accidents, call us at Straight Up Garage Doors. We would be more than happy to assist you with your installation process for endeavors like this, or at the very least, give our recommendations on ensuring you safely put in a new lighting system.

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