Like other areas of your home, your garage door needs to be inspected periodically to ensure all is in good condition. Inspecting and maintaining your garage door is as simple as keeping the moving parts lubricated, tightening hardware, adjusting the springs and cables, checking for rust, and making sure the garage door opening mechanism is functioning properly. Far too often, homeowners wait until something stops working to have their garage door serviced. By inspecting your garage door a few times a year, you may be able to prevent small issues from turning into even bigger problems.

Having a properly working garage door is just one of the many benefits of garage door maintenance. Here are some additional reasons why maintaining your garage door is so important:

Safety and security. Much like anything else, garage doors tend to wear over time and some of their components may fail. By performing regular inspections and maintenance, you can catch these issues and have your garage door repaired before a loved one is injured, or your home becomes vulnerable to intruders.

Money. Most common garage door problems can be fixed quickly. However, ignoring them can cause those problems to become worse, costing you even more in repair expenses. Having your garage door inspected regularly can allow you to address these issues before it’s too late.

Home value. Regular inspections and maintenance on your garage door and its components, allowing you to ensure that it looks great and performs optimally, even after years of normal wear and tear. This not only improves your home’s aesthetic but helps to increase your property value.

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