If you own a business, one of your most important investments is in your employees. Keeping them and your business safe is essential to being successful. Providing your employees with a place where they can park their vehicles is one of the most highly sought-after perks that any employer can offer. This is especially true if parking spaces surrounding your business are expensive. However, just having a parking lot isn’t the summit of employee safety. You can do a lot to keep them safe. One such perk you can offer is a gated parking lot for secure parking.

Types of Parking Lot Gates

There are many different kinds of gates. Some may work better for your needs than others – And these are just a few of the more common types.

Roller Gates:

Roller gates are simple and do the job. They slide open on wheels. Because their construction is so simple, they are a very compact and safe option compared to swinging gates. They also don’t require a track, as the wheels do everything that needs doing.

Telescoping Gates:

A telescoping or telescopic gate is a kind of parking lot gate that works well in limited space. They are good-looking and reliable and feature two retracting gates that slide in opposite directions.

Cantilever Gates:

Similar to a rolling gate, the cantilever gate is a gate that is held up by two posts with rollers. Those rollers allow the gate to roll smoothly without ever touching the ground. Depending on the variety, these can be a little thicker and take up more room but provide an elegant appeal to your lot.

Maximum Security Benefits

The most obvious benefit to a gated parking lot is security. Only those with permission are allowed to enter the lot, and the cars parked inside are safer than if the lot were open to street traffic. A high-end iron gate will help your employees feel every bit as safe as they are, too – While also deterring thieves who will see it as too big of a risk to try to overcome.

These gates are also strong, often able to endure even an automotive collision.

The Value of Appeal

A business with a gated parking lot provides employees with not only a sense of security but a sense that they are working for a vibrant, well put together company. It can make them feel more “at home” while at work, as the outside world is left on the other side of the gate. Beyond morale benefits, a gated parking lot also increases property value. Entry and exit gates invariably raise the value of your lot. It also makes the property more attractive and can protect you from liability. If something were to happen on your lot – Even if it didn’t involve an employee – You may be liable for damages depending on the situation.

Agate increases your profile and ensures that your business, employees, and assets are kept safe. Customers see that you care and take security seriously and that you are a safe investment with the ability to improve your property. When you take the time and spend the money to invest in your business, you show dedication to your company, and this dedication is met with appreciation towards your commitment to security and professionalism.

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