In the United States, many homes have at least one garage door that they use every day. When looking at a home from the street, the garage door may be one of the first things that a person will notice about that specific home. A problem that is occasionally faced by homeowners, however, is that a garage door may not be working correctly and this can be a stressful situation for anyone.

The first thing to do is make sure that nothing is blocking the door. Modern garage doors are designed to prevent anything from being crushed by using an invisible beam coming from the photo eyes that can detect anything within the garage door’s path. It is a good idea to determine if anything is in the path of the garage door and if the photo eyes have become dirty or scratched before assuming the problem is more serious.

Another issue that is common with modern garage doors is the track being out of alignment. The track is very important because it is the thing that keeps the garage door in line and helps it to open and close appropriately. The problem, however, is that a lot of things can go wrong or come out of place on the track and render the whole mechanism useless.

Any electrical device that you own can malfunction at some point and garage doors that open electronically are no exception. It could be an issue with the garage door opener and not the garage door itself, but there are many things that must be tested in order to find the cause of the issue.

It is important to talk with a professional in order to determine the root of the problem. Any homeowner knows that getting the job done right the first time is better than trying to do it yourself, but failing and making it worse. You can easily contact us at Straight Up Doors to discuss the reasons your garage door may not be working and how we can help fix the issue for you at an affordable price.