We live in a time where smart garage openers are becoming a necessity. These tools help to protect your home by keeping your garage closed. But, in this digital age, are smart garage openers really safe? After all, hackers are real threats to digital safety. Today, we are looking at just how safe smart garage openers are.

We’ve all heard the horrible tale of the baby monitor. A woman had a Wi-Fi enabled baby monitor in her nursery. One day, she heard someone talking in the room. Come to find out, a hacker had wirelessly hi-jacked her baby monitor and had been talking to the infant. So many of our devices are connected through the internet. Can smart garage openers really be safe for households? Let’s explore.

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What Are Smart Garage Openers

Just as they sound, smart garage openers are Wi-Fi enabled devices that control your garage door functions. These openers allow you to remotely open and close your garage door. Some models even send you notices when the doors open without your permission. Depending on the model that you use, a smart garage opener can even be connected to your other household Wi-Fi enabled devices. For instance, if you have a smart device that controls your lighting then you can program your lights to come on when your garage door opens. These are all nifty little services, but are they really safe?

Safety Features

Your smart phone has several safety features. From the moment you turn it on to the moment you open an app, you unlock safety features. Likewise, your smart garage opener has its own safety features. Of course not all of these features are available on every single smart garage opener. As a consumer you should check the product features against your family’s needs. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to your local garage door expert.


Smart garage openers work using an app on your phone. This app, like any other, is password protected upon opening. Your phone also has safety features that guard against anyone who tries to open it. Think about the relationship between your favorite banking app and your phone. Automatically, you trust that your information is safe when you access it. Certain coding ensures that hacking isn’t a direct threat to your smart garage opener.


In conjunction with passwords, you can provide certain permissions to other devices. For instance, you can give permission through your smart opener app for your children to be able to control the doors as well. Permissions are typically snippets of code the transfer from one device to another. The main app saves this information and stores it as a trusted device. Also, you can enable alerts for when that other person opens the doors as well.

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