Are Smart Garage Doors Worth It?

The trend of smart technology is progressively becoming more and more prevalent with every day that passes, so much so that at times it can feel as if even the most insignificant parts of your everyday life are being given smart functionality. From toasters burning your initials into your breakfast to severely overpriced fridges, which break after a year or two of use. It’s no wonder that you’d begin to question just how necessary smart technology is for your household and if the price tags attached to it can be worth it for the convenience they provide. While some smart devices prove less than satisfactory, the same cannot be said for Garage Doors. Though certainly not a necessity, just like smart lights, smart garage doors can offer quite a few benefits. Here are a few things it could provide for you!


Though not at first obvious, a smart garage door can often prove to be far more secure than your regular pair of doors. If you have a synced device to your smart door, you can check if you’ve locked the door and if not, close it with a single click of a button to ensure your garage remains safe. Additionally, a smart door ensures that no person or object such as a car or any other valuable that might have accidentally been left in the way gets crushed by the door with its automatic obstacle detection technology. 

However, burglars and potential break-ins you are worried about, don’t be worried. Smart Doors come with a special encryption system for your wireless accessory. They also have a delayed opening mechanism to make sure no burglar can come in through your garage!


The convenience brought by an automatic garage door is far better experienced than the conventional. You’ll notice the difference as a tool of near-everyday use, especially for car owners. You’d be surprised to find just how much time you can save through smart technology. In addition, being able to open your door at a click of a single button is not only limited to the seat of your car but anywhere with a sufficient online connection, allowing you to open it for your family or friends even if you happen to be away from home at the time. 

Another degree of comfort provided by these systems is achieved by integrating geofence technology. Which, when properly installed, is capable of making the door open by itself. You can drive your car into your garage and park inside with minimum hassle. Beyond the opening mechanisms, a smart garage door can guarantee a far quieter opening and closing experience. Thankfully, causing far less noise! You won’t have another headache from that door opening.

What about the Price of Smart Garage Doors?

Price can vary on smart doors, depending on what you need! Don’t worry, however, as we got your back. You can contact us at Straight Up Garage Doors today. We’ll give you a quote for the Smart Garage Door of your dreams.

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