They must be, with how popular they’re becoming. Every garage door material has its pros and cons, but what’s so great about the glass garage doors? They come in a variety of materials and styles and can add a look of elegance and modern charm to your garage. The look of a glass garage door can be more natural against the façade of your home and can present a very attractive option, but like all materials of garage doors, there are pros and cons to glass doors as well. In this article, we’ll go over some of each.

Pros of Glass Garage Doors

Glass doors have a variety of perks. We’ve already mentioned the modern, contemporary aesthetic, but they also introduce more natural light into your garage. This helps keep it warm during colder months and cuts down on electrical costs, and having a full view of your property from inside the garage is a lot nicer than you might expect. Like many kinds of garage doors, options are available for the kind of glass you want. You can opt for window frosting or tinted panels as well. The added light makes working in your garage safer and easier, even if you opt for one of these privacy features.

Glass doors also tend to increase property value. Manufacturers produce them in a wide range of modern styles to suit nearly any home’s needs. The added value of a glass door is all the nicer because the great cost to value ratio. They give you a lot of bang for your buck. With garages taking up so much of your home’s facade, having it look its best is important when it comes to resale, and a glass door will certainly give your garage a competitive edge.

But why stop there?

Glass doors are versatile. There are a variety of glass doors that are used to partition offices, restaurants, bars, and more. They work great as an interior barrier that can come and go as you please while still allowing light to pass through. Glass doors cut down on noise, as well!

Cons of Glass Garage Doors

There are some downsides to consider, though – or at least some things to be aware of before you make the move to a glass garage door. The most obvious and immediate difference is in the cost. Many glass doors cost around double what a traditional garage door will cost due to the more specialized materials that go into their construction. Delivery fees are also higher as the glass must be transported safely and securely to prevent damage. Once installed, they are also noticeably less energy efficient. They don’t stabilize temperatures very well, and even insulated glass is less energy efficient. During the summer months, mirror coating your windows can help mitigate this effect to a degree.

A mirror finish can be both a blessing and a curse, though – As mirror finishes are especially quick to dirty as they collect dust. Usually, a little soap and warm water are all you need to get it looking good, but there are a variety of cleaning products as well. Besides these, a degree of caution needs to be used when you own a glass door. Though the glass in many cases will be tempered and not shatter – Similar to a windshield – The glass panels can still be damaged and need to be replaced.

You might also find that sometimes a contemporary glass door just doesn’t suit the neighborhood. It might be too visually distinct, which can hurt your resale chances if you live in a place with a lot of traditional architecture.

In Conclusion

A glass door can be an exciting, flashy addition to your garage or even your place of business. Before you order one, you’ll want to go over your needs and choose a size and style of door that fits what you’re looking for, as well as ensure you can commit to the upkeep of your new windows. An alternative to a full glass door is a door with windows – offering some of the same benefits at a much lower cost. To find out which works best for you, give us a call today, and let’s talk about your new glass door.

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