We’ve written a lot about the value of garage door maintenance. Maintenance preserves a homeowner’s investment in their garage door, however it is a significant chunk of work. One of the options for homeowners aiming to reduce the work of maintenance is aluminum capping. The capping is also called aluminum cladding or aluminum wrapping. Read on to learn all about aluminum capping and what it will do for your garage.

Aluminum Capping Defined

Aluminum capping protects the wooden components of houses from the elements. The aluminum is made at a right angle, and the length is cut to fit whatever it is protecting. This works for doors, windows, and garage doors.

The capping must be fitted exactly, otherwise it isn’t doing its job properly. If there are gaps or lifting, then the elements and pests access the wood.

It’s Low Maintenance

The installation process, when conducted by a professional, is relatively painless. The contractors measure the sides of the garage, cut the capping and screw it into place. Capping is not, however, a task for amateur DIYers. Small mistakes with capping potentially lead to a damaged garage or an infestation of ants or termites.

Aluminum capping requires almost no maintenance once it is installed. Essentially, wipe it down during your annual garage maintenance. Aluminum does not rust quickly, nor does it deteriorate like wood. A perfect solution to the maintenance issue.

Preserves Wood

Wooden components of homes, especially in Florida, tend to acquire damage rather quickly. The constant humidity, rain, and heat are pretty much the opposite of ideal conditions for wood. This exposure to the elements leads to rot and deterioration. In addition to the elements, there are a wide range of pests that are drawn to wood. Especially if said wood is rotting. Rodents, termites, and ants are especially common issues. Aluminum capping prevents all of those issues from happening. It seals the wood from the outside.

Enhances The Aesthetic

The low maintenance and preservative qualities of capping ensures that the garage door, and thereby the front of the house remains aesthetically pleasing. It also makes the door seem integrated into the front of the house more seamlessly.

The capping is available in a wide range of color options. These options mean that it is easy to match the capping to the garage door or to the trim of the house. Even better news is that aluminum does not fade like other materials, so the matching color will last. The material is also rust-resistant, so homeowners don’t have to worry about unsightly rust around their door.

The bumped-up aesthetic ensures that the house maintains or increases in curb appeal. We have cited this statistic many times before, but garage doors take up as much as a third of a home’s front elevation. Increasing the curb appeal leads to an increase in the home’s value.