Last week we started our exploration of alternative uses for garages. We began with getting the New Year’s resolution groove on in a home gym. Then, we established work life balance in a garage office. Finally, we outlined how to preserve the family’s nerves with a garage music studio.

This week, we continue examining garages for alternative uses. Remember that you don’t have to give up your whole garage for an alternative use! Especially if the house in question has a two or more-car garage. In that instance it is very simply to designate part of the garage for non-garage activities while the other portion still houses your car or your clutter. Read on to learn even more ideas on how to maximize garage space.

  1. Play Area For Children

Kids are messy, it’s in their nature. So how can parents keep their home neat without restricting their little one’s fun? Easy! A garage play area. In addition to keeping a home neat, playing in the garage also keeps kids safe. It allows children to feel independent where parent also keep an eye on them. Even better, no worrying about torrential downpours or unbearably hot weather!

To transform a garage into a play area, amazing HVAC is a must. The only other component that is just as important is foam or rubber mats for the floor. While it is unlikely that a plastic children’s toy will hurt a garage floor, the garage floor can easily hurt a child. An added bonus is the noise control feature! The garage is away from the rest of the house so if other family members need a break, a child’s playful yelling is kept muffled.

  1. Pet Area

Some homeowners have fur babies instead of human ones, but that does not mean that they love them any less. An indoor pet area may be necessary for a number of reasons. A pet may be old, disabled, or simply not suited to the Florida environment. A pet area gives the pet space to run without owners worrying about escape artists running right into the road.

Start with outdoor carpeting, many companies produce amazing faux- grass ones nowadays. Outdoor carpeting can be hosed down in case of accidents or illness without negative impacts. Bring on the dog toys and beds. In the summer you can even fill a kiddie pool up with water to create a splash zone. Just be sure that the garage has excellent HVAC ad lighting to avoid harming any animals.

  1. Hobby Space

This option changes from individual to individual. Whether you are a model train enthusiast or an avid painter, a relaxing space to partake in your hobby of choice can’t hurt. A garage is the perfect place to leave a work in progress, so it does not get disturbed. Additionally, there is plenty of storage space, and you can always open the garage door to find inspiration.