When it comes to picking out a new garage door, there are plenty of variables: color, shape, and aesthetic. However, one of the most important variables for a garage door is what it is made of. What a homeowner picks for garage door materials influence nearly everything else about the door. This week we are exploring the wide variety of options available to homeowners for their garage door materials. Read on to learn which one works for you and your home.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors are some of the highest maintenance garage doors on the market, but for some, the upkeep is worth it. The aesthetic of a wooden garage door is unparalleled, because they tend to be rather intricate. Another drawback for many when it comes to garage doors is the cost for the doors. However, homeowners have options to reduce this cost. The easiest way to do that is by going green and using reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is good for the Earth and your wallet.

There is an option for people even more on a budget called a wood composite door. This door is built around a wooden frame covered with layers of fiberboard. The center is filled with insulation. Essentially, this is an imitation wood door. The fiberboard is often detailed to look like real wood, grain and all.

Full View Aluminum

Full view aluminum garage doors are another highly aesthetic option. The aluminum and frosted glass look is stunning and actually relatively low maintenance. Materials in the door resist both rust and corrosion, so homeowners do not have to put much work in to maintain the door’s beauty.

These types of doors are perfect for creative homeowners, because they are exactly what you make of them. Additionally, people who work in their garage a lot tend to love full view doors. It grants them access to natural light without exposure to the elements – talk about a win win situation.

Finally, these doors are easier to use than most homeowners expect. They are extremely lightweight, which means that components do not wear out as easily.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are much more versatile than many people assume. The doors can be painted, and the aesthetics changed with relative ease. They are also the best option for the budget conscious homeowner on this list.

Steel is certainly lower maintenance than wood (essentially everything is), but higher maintenance than aluminum. Steel rusts easily and is prone to dent – so it isn’t ideal for homes with children. Talk to your contractor about what gauge of steel is appropriate for your home and if it needs any overlays. These components are what makes a door less prone to the damage and rust often associated with steel.