Adding 1.5-Size Doors to Your Garage

As you are well aware, a garage is one of the most crucial features of a home, and you might be wondering when you should replace yours with a more aesthetically pleasing one. If you’re wondering what 1.5-size doors for your garage are, you’re not alone. This type of garage is slightly smaller than a two-car garage but offers many of the same benefits.

If you are looking for a garage, you might want to consider a 1.5-car garage instead of one that is bigger or smaller because it meets all your needs and is the ideal size for most families. If you’re planning to knock down your garage and put up a new one or renovate your existing garage, you might want to start by learning the nuances of these fantastic additions to your home. Below is all you need to know bout 1.5 size garage doors.

What Are They?

A 1.5-car garage is a popular size because it strikes a balance between a single-car and a double-car garage. Most single-car garages are 12 to 16 feet wide and 22 to 24 feet deep, while double-car garages range from 20 to 24 feet wide and 22 to 24 feet deep. A 1.5-car garage falls between 16 and just under 20 feet wide, making it ideal for anyone who needs extra space for cars, tools, or anything else.

A 1.5 car garage is a worthwhile purchase for anyone needing extra storage space. It’s great because it’s big enough to fit two cars but small enough to avoid feeling too large when the garage door is open.

How Would 1.5-Size Doors Help Me?

Many individuals, especially those living in large cities and suburbs, own a car or multiple cars. While owning a car can be a huge luxury, it also means paying for higher monthly costs such as fuel and maintenance. Some people have looked to solve this problem by purchasing garages. The added garage walls and door allow you to park your car inside, giving the garage owners separate access to their vehicle in case they need or want to work on it. This means paying much less monthly money to cover parking expenses for many people!

When choosing a garage, it cannot be easy to figure out how much storage space you need. In short, 1.5 size doors are part of a garage with extra space. Whether you’re storing your car for the winter, supplementary construction materials for your project, or more, it has room for it!

Closing for Garage Doors

Do you have a car and need to store one or more additional items? If so, a 1.5 size garage might be the best option for you. If you want to save money and keep your car, choose a 1.5-size garage. If you want a garage that allows you to store two cars and have enough space for various items, a 1.5-size garage may be perfect for you.

But, if you’re exceeding those limits, think about other sizes. We at Straight Up Garage Doors would be more than happy to help inform you of all your choices in such endeavors.

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