When we look at your garage door, it’s easy to see that it is not only the largest entryway into your home but the largest moving point as well. This is why routine maintenance is so important to keep things functioning and running smoothly for the longest possible lifespan. With these 5 tips, you will not only be aware of your garage doors stability but potentially catch any issues before they occur.

Keep A Lookout

It may sound redundant, but keeping your ears and eyes open for any type of dysfunction in your garage door is the fastest way to be alerted to any potential issues. Take a moment to watch your garage door as it opens and closes. Are things running smoothly? Are there any loud sounds such as grinding, scraping, or popping?

Test The Balance

You may be surprised to learn that garage doors require balance to properly function and prevent damage to your home. The perfectly parallel tracks and verticle supports are what keeps your door in place and working order. An imbalance of these has the potential to cause your door to come clean off its tracks.

The best way to check for an imbalance is to pull the locking cord to release your garage door from the opener mechanism and see what it does. If your garage door begins to lower itself without any assistance from you, then you know there is a problem that needs to be addressed. In this instance, it is safe to call the professionals.

Check The Weatherstripping

Depending on the installation, your garage door most likely has weatherstripping along the base of the door and the sides. Occasionally check all of the weatherstrippings to ensure they are in good working order and continuing to seal your garage door. If they are brittle or frayed, then it is time to replace them.


Apply Lubrication To The Joints

If your garage door is like most American homes, then it opens and closes multiple times per day. To keep your garage door in good working condition, take some time to apply a good lubricant to all the joins on your door along with the overhead springs and chain or screw opener. Be sure to use a white lithium grease as this provides adequate, long-lasting lubrication.

Keep Your Garage Door Clean

Cleaning your garage door is a great way to review its structural integrity. During a quick cleaning, you will be able to review if there are any warped areas or chipped paint. On steel doors, you can ensure there are not any rust spots that could later cause issues. A good tip for cleaning your garage door is to line it up with washing your car.


Final Thoughts

If you’re in search of a professional maintenance and repair service for your garage door, then be sure to give us a call right here at Straight Up Garage, where we not only service and maintain garage doors, but sell and install replacements.