Even with the best care, your garage door will eventually need to be replaced. When it is time for a new door, you need to consider more than its aesthetics. You also have to take into consideration the security provided by the door. To help you find a door that offers the security that your home needs, here are a few tips to remember while selecting a door.

  1. Choose a sturdy door. Doors made of reinforced steel or solid-core wood provide the best protection against would-be home invaders. The doors are more difficult to breach and can have additional features installed to make them more secure.
  2. Install a monitor. It is not uncommon for homeowners to forget to close the door. Instead of having to drive back home to check the door, a monitor that includes a self-closing feature will allow you to check the door and remotely close it.
  3. Look for lighting controls. Finding a door that has a garage door opener equipped with lights is important, but you can go a step further and select a door opener that allows you to turn on the lights remotely so the garage will be lit when you arrive home.
  4. Skip the windows. Windows can make a garage door more attractive, but would-be home invaders can look in through them. If possible, select a door that does not have windows. A peephole can be installed to allow you to look outside. If you do choose windows, consider frosted windows to help obscure the view inside your garage.
  5. Add locks to the door. Although your garage door has a lock, you can install an additional lock to make it more secure. For instance, a deadbolt or padlock with an entry code keypad could provide additional security.

To learn of other ways you can improve the security of your replacement garage door, contact us. You can also receive helpful tips on keeping the door secure after it is installed.