Garage door openers are one of the most commonly used devices in your home, yet are often overlooked when it comes to regular home maintenance. This is partly because garage door openers have a long lifespan, usually lasting 10 years or more, but also because it is extremely easy to take a smoothly functioning garage door for granted. Here are a few reasons you may want to upgrade your old electric garage door opener.


Quieter Mornings

If your traditional chain driver wakes up your family when you open the garage in the morning, it’s probably time for a replacement. Traditional openers weren’t designed with your family’s peace in mind. In fact, they often get louder over time as the mechanical components wear down. For more peace and quiet, replace your old chain drive opener with a new belt drive opener.


Fewer Mechanical Meltdowns

Your garage door opener works — most of the time. That may be fine for now, but some issues, if not addressed right away, can cause costly damage. Malfunctions may cause your garage door to become stuck, to reverse direction, or to open and close at random. Not only could malfunctions like this damage your vehicle, but they could also hurt anyone who happened to be walking beneath the door at the time. Check the batteries in your remote opener first if there are any issues. If the fault lies in broken or worn-down hardware, it may be cheaper to buy a new garage door opener than to make repairs.


Better Child Safety Features

Since 1993, most garage doors include safety eyes as a standard safety feature. If your child crosses beneath the garage door while it is closing and trips the sensors, the door will automatically begin reversing direction. If your current garage door opener does not have this important safety feature, you should think about replacing it with a newer model.


Tighter Home Security

Remote openers work by broadcasting a specific code to the electric opener, which then opens or closes the garage door. Old electric openers use the same code every time and can easily be “hacked” by thieves with the right equipment. Newer models use a rolling code that is different every time, which prevents thieves and unwelcome guests from entering your home. Also consider looking for a model that includes an exterior keypad. This is especially helpful if you don’t have enough remote openers for everyone in your family.


New Wireless Features

Garage door openers are now available with wireless connectivity to your cell phone and car. This allows you to schedule lockdown time for the garage door, to remotely open the door for family members or package delivery services, and to receive alerts any time your garage door opens.


Final Thoughts

There are no downsides to replacing your old electric garage door opener. Whether you’re concerned about home security or want to save money in the long run, we can help you choose the perfect garage door opener to meet your needs, just give us a call right here at Straight Up Garage.