Garage door openers are a big convenience in our lives but it’s easy to take them for granted. Like any mechanical creation under the sun, it is bound to eventually have problems pop up. Years of use will take its toll on even the best designed door opener. So what are the most common garage door issues? More importantly, how can you fix them? Let’s walk through several of these issues right now.

#1: The Control is Not Responding

If the door is not responding to your control, then the first thing you will need to check is the batteries. It’s a simple fix. After all, your control has to possess a working power supply. If you replace the batteries and it still doesn’t respond, then you need to be sure that you are in range of the opener. Make sure that you are turning into your driveway before pressing the button. The only available solution after you have exhausted those two options is to reprogram the remote using the instructions in the owner’s manual.

#2: Wall Switch is Non-Responsive

Most people see a dead wall switch as a severe problem – so severe that they will need a replacement. But that’s not always the case. It’s actually a solvable power problem. The wall switch is directly connected to the garage door opener so you will not have to reprogram it. If the switch doesn’t work, then it will either be the switch itself or the wiring that is faulty. This is an area where you should probably hire a professional.

#3: Garage Door Reverses Before Fully Closing

All garage door opening systems that were developed before 1993 will include a sensor that prevents the door from closing if anything is located underneath it. Therefore, if the door is reversing just before closing fully, then one of the sensors is being obstructed. Make sure that these sensors are pointed correctly. They should be point across the entire width of the door frame and pointed towards one another.

#4: Garage Door Does Not Fully Close

If the door is not fully closing, then you might need to make slight adjustments to the limit switch. There is a switch that’s installed on all garage door openers that determine how far the door closes. It’s designed to keep the door from slamming against the pavement every time it’s shut. You can adjust this switch by using the screw on the motor. You can find it by looking in your owner’s manual.

#5: Garage Door Seal is Leaky

Garage doors are sealed using weather stripping so if this seal is leaky, then you will get unwanted debris in your garage. This is quite easy to replace and should be done immediately. Purchase weather stripping from your local hardware store and follow the instructions that come with it.

All of these common garage door issues are not that difficult to solve but they can lead to much more costly damage if left unaddressed. Be sure that you take care of them. Also, don’t forget to perform a monthly inspection of your garage door system.